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  • I don't have much time to draw, no. In the last year, I've earned a college degree (with honors = nonstop work), relocated two families a few hundred miles, and continued to head a household full of disabled/irresponsible people. I've learned how to draw a few of the new generation Pokemon, but my skills have really taken a dip from all this neglect. =<

    And haha, glad you "came back," anyway. ^_^
    Sarcastic, playful, either or.

    That's good to hear! So many folks have so many woes anymore... I'm alright too. Got a lot on my plate at the moment, but it's all good things. ^_^
    Yeah, Joe finally fixed it, so now it's much faster.

    Did you use the rule of thirds for your Dialga drawing?

    Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.

    So many people say that, and yet no one has ever been able to prove it correct.

    Did imagining your conversations as typed help you out any in associating with people? And to note, real life is far more difficult to keep in order than online life; you don't have the same kind of control over things. Real world be darned.

    How's school going, since it's included in that nice four-letter unmentionable there? And if it's not too private, may I inquire about addicitions and your futile admirer? At least you get frosting, right? >_>

    Hmm. I'll avoid the beer, but I may take you up on that bagel. Thanks, Ernesto~ ^_^
    Job-seeking. And reading as much as I can get my hands on. And avoiding most forms of social contact.

    What have you been up to?
    Happy birthday, Ernesto~ =)

    I would say your artistic talent seems to increase along with your age, but that sounds kind of corny.
    Holy crap! I can't believe you did that with paint! Oh my gosh... that is amazing. It looks flawless, it really does. o3o
    As good a place to start as any. u_u

    Nah, I don't think so. You can post more, though, and fill the latino quota. ;3
    I wonder if you've been reading the sppf wiki...

    You're as brown as I am, hah. We're both adorably tanned.
    True but the only reason why people make one thread for all their art is so things don't look so disorganized? Though you can always split the post so there's one part with Pokémon fanart and another for general art. It would seem to be the best idea and fair for others who were already told to stash everything in one thread.

    Or you can make two beginning posts? At least I can allow you to do that but not two separate threads.
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