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  • I haven't taken a picture yet, but you can count that I will. I need to anyway. :<
    I dunno about paints, I just used it. :x

    I finished the painting like last week. I just need to take a better picture of it.
    Yeah, I'm not really here anymore because I'm getting bored of Serebii.

    No, not yet.
    Drawing looks nice but the arms look stubby to me.. (Eh, I haven't seen a Groudon in so long) I wonder what it would look like if it was colored?
    You should do a Suicune for me. :3

    I've been working on a painting IRL and I've been working on it for about a month.

    I'll post it when Photoucket finishes uploading it.
    They're so great.

    You so totally have to show me how you do your Photoshop work. It looks so great and you learned it in a short amount of time. That Groudon looks amazing. T_T
    21 more post and I rank up again. 8D

    Guess what, I have fish! :D
    3 of them to be exact. Peaches, Cherry, and Blurf. Peaches is a fatty, Cherry is *****, and Blurf is anorexic/bulimic. You can see Peaches in my signature.

    And what's wrong with your internet?
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