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  • I think the last time we spoke, you were newly engaged. So another congratulations is in order! Likewise for beginning your specialization - glad to hear you'll likely choose psychiatry. I'm pursuing psychology in university, myself. Maybe we'll meet at some international psychiatric conference in the distant future, aha.

    I wish you all the best with your marriage and career, Panda. =)
    Hi there, Panda! How long have you been back in posting form? It's nice to see your posts again.

    I hope you've been well and successful since we last spoke. ^_^
    Basically Abbott's the worst liberal leader in a long while as I see it... he's ridiculously conservative and comes off as a bit of an idiot in general. The main thing that irks me is his insistence on religious values and stuff...
    I don't wan to make something out of nothing, but what religious values? Do you not like Christian teachings?, or are you refering to social doctrines.

    Also, do what do you think about 'Rudd(health)care' if you will?

    Your assessment of the election is a very sound one and I believe your view on it's outcome to be correct. The political analysts generally say something to this effect.
    Ah, so I take it you'll be voting for Mr.Abbott then? LOL, joking of course.

    I do ask though, who do you think will win the election and in what shape?
    This debate, being totally subjective, is somewhat silly.
    I'm so glad someone noticed! I made the thread when I was drunk, to poke fun at the other religious debate threads.
    Ah, Tim!

    It has been quite the while. How are you? I see you are married now! Congratulations.

    I thought of you briefly today, as I did the AMC... haha.

    But yes, how are you? Lately I've been trying to improve my maths... I'd like to think I'm getting better. I taught myself the basics of limits and differentiation on the weekend, and I'm hoping to do more...

    On second thoughts, I really didn't have that much to say on this matter... As said, I was only prompted to write this due to the AMC :p

    Well, toodles!
    What would she think about this? You should be ashamed.

    but congratulations man!
    Yeah. Happy Birthday.

    Just a tad late. Better late than never I guess.

    On another note, where the crap have you been? Haven't spoken to you for ages.
    We don’t know each other, but I’m always found you to be a very respectful person.


    Happy Birthday Hope You Have A Great One!

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting in the natural selection thread, it really helped clarify a lot of things for me.
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