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  • Good to see you're back. Thinking of being more active again myself too.

    Must say that the indefensivible debate thread looks pretty cool.
    Yes I did notice that. Of all people I never thought you would put a quote from the bible in your signature. :p
    no problem, i noticed you on my friend list and don't remember talking to you so no times better than the present.
    I just wanted to focus on that particular paradox for right now. To be honest, the last 1v1 debate I had online didn't end too smoothly, either.
    Really? That's weird. It didn't show up on my computer. D: Anyway, what's up Tim? =)
    So what is your view on the omniscience/omnipotence compatibility?

    I'll respond later, but in the meantime I recommend a book by C. S. Lewis: The Screwtape Letters. While you are an atheist and the book assumes that a deity (and, by connection, devils) exists, it does have some curious insights into human behavior.
    I just noticed you were on my friends list, and I have no clue how that happened.
    Ugh, I had to study After Apple-picking in class last term - get that awful Frost out my sight this instant! =P
    That was certainly an unexpected surprise!

    To be honest, your posts are a bit intimidating. However, you obviously still have a way of humor about you that eases the air of strictness you have occasionally.
    Oh, I used it for years. Then my toiletries bag got stolen, so I haven't had it in a while. But it doesn't seem to make much difference, as long as I was using something. I have researched the safety of this stuff I'm considering, though, and I didn't see anything bad about it. They use it in spas. I know there are risks associated with doing things like home microdermabrasion, but I didn't see anything like that about this.
    Ah, thanks! The problem is, going to the dermatologist has never helped me that much. The stuff they gave me worked ok, but I still have it. And I don't think I want to take a pill.... I've done a little research, and I'm considering trying a glycolic acid peel. People say it works, and I couldn't find any bad side effects for it. The other option would be laser treatment, but that's really expensive...
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