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  • We had to eat Moon Cakes (too lazy ATM to grab my notebook and check for the real name) in my Chinese class today (since apparently the mid-Autumn Festival was this weekend) and I must say I admire anyone who can finish theres. Ours had ginger in them, which I am just not a fan of
    Your new sig? I like that verse, actually. ^_^

    Hah, I've actually had days like that over here before (minus the blackbird); when it's snowing heavily, and it makes the sky dusky all day long.

    If there are puns there, I must not be a poetry freak! =P
    Yeah, I remember reading this in that other abortion thread. I just wanted to make sure the thread was set up to your and sockyskarmie's liking. ^_^
    Do you happen to know an online directory of Chinese characters, or at least a program that would translate them? Its immensely frustrating only being able to type in pinyin
    Ah, I see. Yeah, I know about how children learn language... it just seems funny that no one tells them what words mean or how grammar works. They just pick it up. And sure, it's easy to pick up words for things like concrete nouns, but it's really interesting how they pick up on words for more abstract concepts. It's like... they have to start from nothing. When someone is trying to learn a new language, you can explain things in terms of her native tongue. But you can't explain language with language to someone who lacks any language at all. Well, most people start off translating things in their heads, but stop as the language becomes more natural to them. It would be really hard to start off thinking like that... impossible, I'd say. It takes time and repetition for new pathways to form in the brain.
    Yeah, me too... though I don't know too much about it. I'd like to learn more, through classes and stuff, but you really don't get things like that too much unless you're going into that field. But I have been gotten some insights in to Japanese culture through learning kanji, and I also learned some interesting things when I took Latin. One thing that really interests me is how children learn language. It's kind of a strange phenomenon... anyway, you got published? Wow. What would happen if you jumped off of Harbour Bridge and reached New Zealand?
    Hey, Panda, I found a Dave Barry quote recently that I thought you might like:

    "Basically, philosophy involves sitting in a room and deciding there is no such thing as reality and then going to lunch. You should major in philosophy if you plan to take a lot of drugs."

    Heh, it reminded me of that debate where were discussing the meaning of the word "exist."
    So. Long weekend for me so I thought I'd post here and rub it in, seeing as I figure you're at work TOILING in the... blistering heat?
    Yes I did, the debate was unique and I wanted to give it a chance. If worse comes to worse it will be closed. It's that simple.
    That will be like pulling out teeth. Now with the google images at my disposal I don't think I'll be able to help myself. :p Thanks Tim!
    It'd be cool to get to know you, sorry if I seem random but you just got something about your personality that I like
    my names Kevin
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