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  • I love possums and rats, really. In a very bizarre way, I find them adorable- at a distance. Not when they’re running around my ankles (has happened. My house seems to get infested with mice at least twice a year) or jumping around me on the road (also has happened. I saw this possum creature on the road when my friend and I were walking the dogs. Like the utter dingbat that I am, I thought it would be a good idea to run up to it and try and chase it off the road. I succeeded in the end, but it took a lot of screaming, shouting, waving my arms and running backwards every time the damn thing jumped at me). Awww. Overactive imaginations can suck, aye? When I watch scary movies in my garage/base by myself at night, I always have to sing really, really loudly when running through the outside corridor into my house. Funnily enough, I always end up singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Mysterious cat, you say? Huh. Maybe you should do some investigating, see if there are any ways to explain these noises. Like a hole in the wall or something.

    Cows do stare a lot. It’s really unnerving. Bulls are even worse. There’s this bull called Jethro in the field at the front of the house that my Mom has adopted as a giant bovine pet *rolls eyes*. She feeds it oranges and bread every day, and makes me feed him whenever she can’t do it. Every time the animal gives me a death stare- especially when he’s squishing an orange between his jaws. It sounds ridiculous, but I keep getting this horrible feeling he wants to eat me. But that’s silly. Cows are vegetarians, right? Right???

    Hmmm… *thinks back to drawing of angler fish dude Neon did* He wasn’t that bad. Usually angler fishes are ugly though. But the hybrid we’ve got is pretty normal looking. His personality is where all the weirdness comes from. But I’m thinking the RPG might not run. I haven’t looked in awhile, but last time I did there weren’t any new posts. Plus, we have too few characters at this point to just continue. :/ If I can find the drawing (Carlton one) I’ll scan it in and show you.

    Haha. “Less clean”… Your way of putting things like that cracks me up. And Junjou is… okay. It’s a little too cute and fluffy for my liking, but there are some good moments in the series. Just for my tastes, it isn’t angsty enough.

    He also possesses a killer robot (locked in storage), an electric powered mini segway (with rocket launchers attached) and many sleeping gas capsules. Like most super geniuses, he’s uber paranoid. Aww. I’m glad you think he’s cute, although Zeki himself wouldn’t be that pleased.

    *Adopts sing-song voice* We’re having a lovely vegetarian dish that was on Oprah recently, sweetie! Remember, the doctor said red meat is bad for your blood pressure! Your slippers were… Mysteriously left outside, and the dog ate them! As for your pipe… *Hides behind back* it also got… eaten! And the boy is upstairs in his room, playing loud music while quietly resenting you because you wouldn’t let him go to that Christina Aguilera concert. *Smiles brightly, eye twitching*

    I forgive you. And I’m sorry for not replying sooner- I’ve been distracted by stupid exams and endless revision. >.<
    Aw. Poor you! I remember once there was a possum scratching around in the roof, right above my bed one night. It kept me awake quite a long time (you know, even though horror movies don’t have any effect on me, I do get freaked out by weird noise quite easily. Do you get spooked by movies?). But that’s nothing compared to an actual person outside your window. Hopefully that won’t happen again. And if it does, stick a sign in your window saying that Ze Cookie Fairy is going to obliterate him with her magic wand of DOOM. That should scare ‘em off!

    I’ve had a cow break through the fence and wander up to my window a couple of times. It always seems to be the same on, just standing there chewing grass and staring doe-eyed through my window. Maybe its in love with me >.<. I mean, I do have cow eyes (big, brown with thick eyelashes). Usually there’s a huge herd in the field, all chewing grass, mooing, excreting, breaking wind and occasionally licking each other (especially the mothers and calfs. They’re so cute!). They don’t bother me too much (I pratically never sleep anyway)- well, apart from that one night I was lying in bed trying not to listen to the grand opening of cattle mating season. It scarred me for life. Have you ever had to listen to something like that? I hope not. It’s not a great expirience. And regarding the neglect thing- I wouldn’t have sent anything, because I haven’t been on Serebii in yonks. Very bad of me. But if you must INSIST on sharing the blame *sighs* it can be shared. Just as long as we’re still friends. ^_^

    No problem. And yes, the fish thing is very cool. I wonder what Dimitri (oh. Also, well done for managing to choose one of my favourite names. I loved Anastacia as a kid…) will think of the other fish person in the game (the NPC guy that lives in a stagnent pond). Do you think they’d get along at all? I could see Dimitri being lured by the NPC’s little glowy thing (since this guy’s an angler fish). Making characters for little reasons is a lot better then making characters for no reason. Hell, most of my characters are made for little reasons. Like Carlton, for instance. He started out as a random drawing of a boy with strange hair (failed manga hair, I think). Then I added a stitched-up bunny (that was a little phase I went through; drawing dead things). Hmm. I do remember you mentioning Keith being Carlton’s opposite. But he was also based off that dog guy in that manga you showed me, right? Hehe, yes, I remember that. On the subject, have you heard of Junjou Romantica? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Anyway… Feel free to make Dimitri hit on Zeki. Although, it may be the last thing he ever does. Zeki has a short temper, plus a lazer gun hidden somewhere… He constructed it at age three. :D

    Not lame. Different. Plus, if it makes a great character, it doesn’t matter if the reason is lame. Haha.. Oh, the extreme manliness! I’m so intimidated, I must go finish my sign-up right away! Also, I might put on a pink dress and start cleaning the house! Your manliness has turned me into a fifties’ house wife. Oh no! Dinner will be ready in an hour, hon!

    (I still think I’m manlier then you. :p)

    Haha. It’s good to know we both like each other’s character names.

    P.S I finished my sign up and posted it. HA!
    Urgh. Creepy. Do you know what he was actually doing? The only things I have to worry about rustling around my window after dark are possums, frogs and even the odd cow (yup. I'm serious- my room faces a field.). And no, really it's my fault... I haven't been on just about all year. Therefore, I was neglectful. So don't feel like you have to share the blame. :p In my eyes, it was all my fault.

    So now we've established we missed each other. What now? Hmmm... Well, let's talk about the RPG. For starters, I adore your character. Really neat idea to cross him with a fish, too. Especially a tropical one. As you probably already know, my character is a genius five-year-old monkey boy called Zeki. I still need to finish my sign-up for him. >.<

    Hehe. I still think it's adorable too.
    OH MY GOD! *Glomps* I haven't seen/read you in forever! How have you been? It's been so long! Way too long! Blame me for being a neglectful friend!

    >.< I really did miss you...

    Oh. And for security reasons, what is GoodBoyShipping? :p *Already knows*
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