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    con't'd again, lol....

    I don't want the sports channels, and I don't want 3/4 of the crap that I have to get with the packages/bundles. I want a la carte channel selection but that will never happen since the cable channels love to rip you off big time as they do right now with the bundles.

    No, I don't actually, lol. Lately, I've never been one for watching TV. If I want to watch anime, I just go on YouTube (before they get taken down, lol). News and current events I usually get online/blogs to satisfy my political junkie side, although I do love TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Paikin 4 The National anchor when Peter Mansbridge retires, lol (I wish the Knowledge Network or Global BC would carry a current affairs program akin to the Agenda).

    I have a satelite [sic] dish, but we're getting rid of it next month. Can't stand the packages you have to get in order to watch the channels we want. We (my mom and I) just want the HD channels, the Canadian networks, and a few specialty channels like PBS, TVO, NatGeo, Discovery, History, but especially....Turner Classic Movies. If my mom and I had to pick only one channel in the entire universe, it would be TCM hands down.
    the_w0lf, sorry about not replying sooner.
    Student Unions generally manage the student centre, represent student interests/advocate for student concerns/issues/etc.
    That could be very well true, and considering her past year, that says alot. Mind you many people have helped her get herself back on track, but it's her that put the motivation into this album.

    I agree with you now, I was picturing just piano and it wouldnt have the same affect. I suppose we all need a minute to process these eh. XD
    I'm glad you like them :)
    This is really going to be her best album yet!

    And about Unusual You, yeah, I think it would have been great as a soft piano ballad, but I really like the beat. It's so ambient and calming in a way. <3 ~
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