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  • Cool mix, thanx ;D

    -Womanizer number one downloaded song on itunes!!!!!! :D
    -And the single cover (for outside the US)!!
    I love it <3 She looks so pretty~

    Started year 12 :'(
    Sux...so much work! o_o
    & I'm sick and tired of hearing 'Hot n Cold' On the radio -___-

    blah x0x0

    What's new witchyu? :p
    Love it :D
    It had a plot, It wasn't random xD
    She was in a sauna :O That was my fave thing! lol~
    Did you notice the guy from 'Toxic' was in it? Hehe, the fat/lost one
    So cute! :p
    It was a fun clip for a fun song ^^
    I loved the driving scene!! HAHA!
    It gained like 1million views on Youtube over night :O
    (broke a record :x)

    And yeah omg, Kill the Lights is awesome! It's one of the few fakes I actually have on my Ipod xD
    I agree, it would totally make a hot song :D Even the title rocks~
    Cry Wolf, never seen that, might have to sometime.
    I'm ok, mainly dealing with everyday life, school and anything else that comes around the corner.
    the_w0lf? Sounds like someone has a wolf reference in their name, anyway, hi there I'm Suikami, never spoken to you before, however I thought I'd make a start now! :)
    So, what's up?
    It's awesome right? xD
    I love absolutely every single song on that album, except maybe 'Get Naked' coz'
    I hate the "Ayy, Ahh" sounds that Danja makes x__x They just get on my nerves, lol.

    As for anything RocknRoll...Hmmm not any that I can think of xD
    But if it's 'mainstream' rock, I'm sure I'd know it :p
    AndyWoo, huh? Assuming that you're Asian, may I inquire if you're a Korean like myself? I looked through the membership groups thing and can't seem to find that damn Asian group for us AZN folks, haha.
    Haha, mhmm^^. I've never asked for had anyone ask me and Ive been here for a year and a half! I didn't even know how that featured worked. Of course!
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