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  • As a result of inactivity between July 15 and the time of this message, your claim on Octillery on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Me? The 22nd...

    Well, you'd better come back soon, I'm going to Korea then and I won't be on daily as usual since I'll most likely be too busy swimming or shopping or reading or studying or playing or flying or whatever.
    Well, yes, obviously.

    People are saying that we should make our own tiers. Which is absolutely ridiculous to me.

    Our official forum mascot is now Scrafty...

    Come back!!!

    Best wishes,
    They kinda said it would be better if you weren't Smod... Stuff like that. Like you were too power-hungry. =|

    Alaina's birthday was yesterday, and apparently Prof. Poke sent her a really slushy text! XD

    I changed my name to Carlotta =)

    Come back soon, please!!!

    Best wishes,
    I got demodded during the swear festival, trying to stop the others. What a great timing -_- So, have you heard of Alaina? Prof's 'special friend'? Turns out that I made them even closer after the secret spill ^_^

    And yes, you should've been Smod. I don't care what all the others say about you, because I know you deserved it.

    Come back soon!

    Best Wishes,
    ...No, I wasn't. I felt like doing a trick to prof that I used to do to my friends a lot. Completely ruining their trust (which I somehow built back lol). All because of one new girl called Alaina.

    We also had a swearing fest because Prof said the s-word was allowed and people kept slamming it over and over and over again. -_-

    Saiyan came back yesterday. He's been a god fun.

    Heard that Ciel and Maniac got promoted to mod and Smod respectively? I think they deserved it.

    Come back to Poke-Center soon!

    Best wishes,
    TheAwesomeOne, were you online? So you're off the hook?

    Well, in Poke-Center, I got demodded today -_- I guess I kinda deserved it, since I did spil Prof's secrets to the whole of the shoutbox and I honestly had no idea he would be so cross with me. Too bad you missed all the fun.

    Please come back soon!
    Buddy, we're all missing you a lot. If you can, tell me what's happening in your life so we have at least some news. Are you coming back?
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