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Sep 26, 2017
Apr 1, 2013
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TheBlackDuelist was last seen:
Sep 26, 2017
    1. matt0044
      Hey. Seen Chap. 2?
    2. Firebrand
      Hey, so there's been a bit of a mix up in the Review Game, namely one reviewer ninja'd another. This has happened a few times, both here and on Fictionpress, and to avoid any problems, there're rules in place. Since AstralM gave you a (very well-written!) review via the RG, and won't be able to ask for one in return, you owe them one Review Game-style review. Once you give them a review (on Return to Form, I think), you'll be able to participate in the Review Game again.
    3. Doodles
      I took a shot at the banner you wanted. Check back at the Open Request thread to see it. ^.^
    4. SeekerofLight
      Hey duelist.
      SeekerofLight here. Just so you know I've sent you a friend request.

      Enjoy your future on the Serebii forums!
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    Fan Fic: Nexus Renegade
    When a new dimension is created and gives birth to three terrors of the world. The Nexus will judge you
    Currently Under Revision
    Special Thanks to Inudono19 for the Badass Morph of the Creation Trio