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  • What anime would that be?
    My New Years was spectacular, easily the best I've ever had. I arranged a bonfire at a friend's house and invited most of my friends. It was nice having so many people around and having a good time.
    I've been checking out different ones, mostly. I finished an application just the other day, but unfortunately I haven't yet sent it in because of the darn fee.
    I've been told not to waste any time, and to just jump in head first despite how scary it sounds. Right now I just need to get this standardized testing behind me :/
    Well I kind of have no direction. I still have to take all of the standardized tests and whatnot, and apply, and it's all a lot of trouble.
    That's quite alright, I hope everything is okay?
    It's a very fun hobby indeed, but they have recently become a bit expensive. That's okay, though, I hadn't bought anything for myself in a while and I no longer have anything else to spend money on at the moment, so I don't mind it.
    I do, indeed. There were two times they let people vote on new flavors, once in 2007, and again in 2009-2010. I started my collection on the voting flavors back in 2007, with the simple thought that "they were neat" hahahaha
    That'd be really nice of you! I collect all things Dew. I even have a huge Mountain Dew bottle sign that stands like 4 feet tall!
    Both, actually. If I had a certain flavor in mind (back when I didn't have a lot of the ones I do now) I would do a search for it specifically and hope it wasn't too expensive. Lately, I just do broad searches to see what things are going for these days and if anybody's put something new up.
    However, I've gotten rather lucky a few times. A friend of mine happened to find a bottle he had from a few years back that is now very hard to find online, and just gave it to me. Another one of my friends actually walked around Tokyo to track down two of the Grape flavors, and even shipped them off to me - one to drink and one to keep!
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