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May 8, 2018
Oct 6, 2013
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Somewhere on Earth

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Blue Frog Ninja Gal, from Somewhere on Earth

Decided to check out RPs and find that the FE one's full and site's been upadated. May 4, 2018

TheCharredDragon was last seen:
May 8, 2018
    1. TheCharredDragon
      Decided to check out RPs and find that the FE one's full and site's been upadated.
    2. Andydemon
      I hear ya. Take as long as you need. Though if you still wanna stay in touch with folks here, the RP thread has a Discord server now, which I figure is a more active way to communicate than the forums.
    3. Andydemon
      I guess if you're backing out of RP's you were already in then it's safe to assume you aren't gonna be able to join Monster's?
    4. Schade
      Amadeus will likely die lol. Or wander off somewhere....
      However. Sad to hear you dropping out. I sincerily hope you sort things out, and I look forward to RP'ing with you again.
    5. Solsabre
      *lets out a long-winded breath* Hope this helps!
    6. Solsabre
      Another option and probably the better choice would be to limit Sir Bors' mobility as much as possible for a chance to get more hits in. Blowing up the terrain to make it uneven could force him to be more mindful of his movements. (Though I'm not sure at the moment if we're fighting him outside or inside the city at this point, so that might not be the best idea depending). *Snort* I just had a thought, Tessa could flood the battlefield by teleporting water from a nearby source (Kaladesh is by the ocean right?) at the same moment Sir Bors uses Odin's breath around him and freeze his legs to the ground. She'd need a little time to prepare that teleport spell of that magnitude and be a bit draining for her. We could also suggest to Samayouru to have Denys use his Snake Bandage attack to restrain a leg or arm temporarily. Even better Tessa could teleport Denys on Sir Bors backside and blind him with the bandages. And I wasn't kidding when I suggested Tessa could drop Shula/Frost on top of Sir Bors with a portal if he were immbolized. The weight alone would drive him into the ground. :D (Tessa has too much fun with her portals).

      Overall, I see this being a long winded battle of trying to wear Sir Bors down due to his armor and Shula/Frost's Mugen Cannons stand to do the most damage. I have one idea in the works for how Tessa could help Shula/Frost's defense if only temporarily, but its one of her more complicated spells and she needs time to implement it, and I'll go into detail about it in my next post, but it won't be ready yet.

      Those are the options and ideas I can think of for now and they can even be mixed up a bit, because I'd imagine Sir Bors isn't going to make it easy for them and some things are going to fail.
    7. Solsabre
      Well, from what I'm seeing Shula/Frost is our main combatant against Sir Bors being the only Mega and heavy hitter. They're also biomerged so they are more powerful than the typical Machinedramon. Shula/Frost may even have more raw power than Sir Bors, possibility, but his Red Chrome digizoid armor would hold up to the volley or dodge the blasts with ease. There's a reason I choose Tessa for a character. She's not particularly powerful but she can analyze and think outside the box to support other charactes by throwing a curve ball to make things interesting. One option, We could try overpowering him with the Mugen Cannons and have Tessa join in a Pandora Dialogue attack copying the Mugen Cannon blasts, though hers would be a weaker version, but would repeat the attack several times in rapid succession. Her version would be better off as a distraction, letting Shula/Frost get a chance to get in a direct hit or use their Booster Claw to get in close to Sir Bors to either do physical hits or point blank attacks, though that would be a bit more dangerous for Shula/Frost and they would have to contend with Sir Bors' Odin Breath attack since Machinary is vulnerable to cold and ice. Depends on much damage you're willing to let them take at this point.
    8. Solsabre
      Hey do you help in figuring out how to fight Sir Bors? I am going to be working on a post for Unholy Crusade tonight so I could update again with Tessa.
    9. Dragalge
      Welcome aboard! You may post in the RP whenever you're ready!
    10. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Yes there was one...about 2012-2013 or so. It was not a rare occurrence to see poorly-worded SUs in just about every Sign-Up thread. XD There were a few repeat offenders too, with "WTF-like" powers. XD

      I love your male characters, hehe! I just love how strong yet supportive and caring they are...very rare in male characters on here, honestly! DarkIsNotEvil just fits so perfectly, hehe...and it's awesome. Dark Magic has its uses in the game, and Sorcerers also don't die easily compared to most magic units! Hey, I love that title..."Hell's Chef" indeed is perfect! Yup, there really is a cooking show called Hell's Kitchen...it's called that because of the host chef's personality! In Amadeus' case though, it's more likely a pun for his Sorcerer class having Dark Magic lol. XD Sylvia is impatient, so she'd probably try taking the meat off the heat as quickly as possible, claim "cooking's done, yo" and eat it bloody! Plus, Erebus has a taste for rare meat, so she can use that as a justification! Like a "Hey, if he can eat it, it's perfectly safe!" mentality. I want drama even before the proper army forms, and what better than infighting between the members, just because they mistakenly thought a perfectly nice Sorcerer is yet another enemy? Maria would probably be the only one observant enough to see what's really going on...and make the others knock it off! She's less likely to jump to conclusions than anyone else...and she does watch before she makes any move! XD

      Right, maybe to appeal to more people, because they might want to remove the mentality that the class is a "girly class", so they probably used a more neutral-coded term. XD
    11. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Trust me, when you've seen the era of bad RPers on here, you're thankful for every good RPer that comes. :P

      Pegasus Knights/Sky Knights only became a unisex class in Fates...so two only. One is a 1st generation unit (Subaki) and the other is a child unit (Shigure). XD

      Homer? Oh god, I love Homer! XD I miss him Reading the SU, Amadeus having that kind of personality would be awesome! Plus, Maria would be a perfect S-Support to that, to show that "Dark is not Evil" at all! Damn, we do need a good chef who could cook a variety of food too! I mean, the character who could cook the best currently is probably Tim, but he only cooks vegan meals, so it would help to have someone who cooks a good variety and supplies everyone's protein needs...without undercooking (Sylvia, Luka) or overcooking (Martin, Nichol). :P Yes, it's Egyptian-based indeed...in fact, that was the first thing I noticed about their designs when I played Awakening...very unique, rather than using the more common robes and stuff. Hehe, the Juarez siblings are now clearly associated with darkness and death, but in a Dark is not Evil way, at least! Besides, Dark Mages are awesome in the games I played...so it's an awesome darkness! Damn it, I can't wait for Amadeus now! Some party members might mistaken him for being the bad guy, but he...isn't, and it might take Maria to stop them! XD

      Yeah, apparently they changed the name from Pegasus Knight to "Sky Knight" in Fates, for I-don't-know-what-reason. ._.
    12. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      But of course! You have some of the best posts around here, and some of the most interesting too. :P

      The Pegasus Knight sounds like so much fun, hehe. He's kind, but doesn't hesitate to be himself either! I daresay he can make a pretty good match for Maria too. XD I really love male Pegasus Knights in general. Sylvia would definitely love a stubborn, rude Pegasus...she likes creatures with "character", hehe. XD

      Yup! A Sorcerer counts because they still use Dark Tomes. The Dark Tomes part is my favorite part and the key part...you see, it seems as if the party has a pretty negative view on Dark Mages and Sorcerers in general...they seem not to like 'em, so it would be cool to have one in the party to get them used to having one around! Maria seems the type who wouldn't want to see the worst in people off the bat, based on what Dragalge says about her, so she might be one of the first to be more accepting of a Dark Mage or a Sorcerer. Anima's eldest brother would be so awesome! We need a cool big brother-like figure on the team (albeit of course, one who may have a dark side)! Him being a Sorcerer would work too, because it just makes sense...I now connect the family with Anubis now, and the Awakening design of Dark Mages and Sorcerers are Egyptian-based. :P

      The Thief was only because of consistency/story reasons, hehe. I needed to maintain that consistency. I just made the outfit revealing to show the one thing she can successfully use as a Thief aside from her fighting skills...her body...a straightforward, not-so-calculating method for a straightforward and clever but not-so-calculating girl. XD If story didn't matter, it would've been Barbarian, Sky Knight or Dark Mage! Well, the Dark Mage would only work if Sylvia was one of the dead King Abel's lost bastards or something, though....would make Alberich's insulting nickname for her, "Princess Sylvia", wonderfully ironic. XP
    13. Kamotz
      I'm not sure. In my mind the two worlds only started opening up to one another 10 or so years ago...maybe the case can be made that the very first crossover happened in 1997 (when Digimon was created).
    14. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Hey, noticed that you wanted to join FE? I'm excited to have you around, hehe. XD

      What kind of character are you making anyway? Yeah, there's a one-character limit. XD Please tell me it's a Dark Mage of sorts! We lack anyone who has a Dark Mage primary or even alternate class. Dark Mages are awesome. Or you know, a guy totally worthy of Princess Maria! Why do I get the feeling that Cavaliers or Dark Mages might be her type? Take a peek at the thread to look at my alternate class reimaginings. Once you join, I'll totally create something for your character too! XD
    15. Dragalge
      Hey there! I know you were wanting to join the Fire Emblem RP so badly!

      Well a couple of our people have gone MIA and if they aren't here for a set period of time, would you be interested in signing up for it? :o
    16. Solsabre
      Hey I will free up your characters from mine in civil war as soon as I can. I am desperately trying to finish a tamer sign up for UC but it is growing insanely long.
    17. TheSequelReturns
      Hey, you're doing good so far. I quite like Shula and Frost.

      Cool! I'll wait for your post in Civil War then. I'll throw something your way in UC instead.
    18. TheSequelReturns
      Yeah, same here. That character interaction is what makes RPs great, and the digimon RPs I've been a part of here have some of the best. I plan to continue that tradition.

      Yeah, Versa Victa has sort of become a stock character for me (I have like 20 of them by now). Though, her first appearance was in one of the previously mentioned digimon RPs as a spunky and sharp-tongued Witchmon. This is sort of my take on what an older version of her first apperance would be like.

      Cool! I've already got the main thread typed up and ready to post. Will probably do it tomorrow morning when I wake up, just to give the sign-ups a little more time. DT to follow shortly, hopefully by Sunday night if approval is quick.
    19. TheSequelReturns
      That was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to see when I was crafting his sign-up. I was grinning through the whole post, lol. Thank you.
    20. Solsabre
      yea, if you wouldn't mind and I think I'm actually going to edit that bit of dialogue out anyway. My idea with Ryia was to create a tank character, but also help create some possible conflict within our group since it seems like most peeps are getting along.
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