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Feb 26, 2020 at 6:22 AM
Oct 6, 2013
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Somewhere on Earth

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I mean it when I say I'm an RPG nut, Female, from Somewhere on Earth

The feeling you get when you want to join an RP but think you shouldn't because you're already part of so many... Feb 24, 2020 at 6:59 AM

TheCharredDragon was last seen:
Feb 26, 2020 at 6:22 AM
    1. bronislav84
      So you do have a hot spot feature on your phone? Good good. Use it. It drains the power kinds rapidly though.

      My mom lives in the 80s basically. She thinks that just cause she can get by without it, so can I.

      That's totally fine. Sounds fun. Looking forward to seeing that.
    2. Meeker
      Well, we think it'll happen. The only issue is when. Avenger has his fair share of real life issues, and then if he gets a job, that'll cut into his time greatly.
    3. bronislav84
      If you can't read posts then you will continue having trouble like this. You need to be able to read posts, or at least skim. Char I like RPing with you, but we need to actually be RPing together, not you asking every time what's happened. If you can get your phone to share Internet to your computer or buy a tablet, this problem goes away. A bigger screen would be much better for RP. Have you considered buying an Asus Transformer tablet? They are tablets with a keyboard dock, and are really good. They are called transformers because they transform into an almost laptop. Just not with Windows or Apple or any other computer operating system.

      Try it. See if you can get hotpot on your phone. As I said, problem goes away. We can afford it, but mom doesn't think we need it. So frustrating.
    4. bronislav84
      I didn't mean you're insane, just that is insane. The code and preview is why I can't post from a phone. That and reading Insanely long posts. Like the posts Ginger would write. Torture on a phone screen.

      It sounds weird to me because here were only allowed text or Internet or both, not converting one into the other. When I said hotpot, I meant like my phone has a feature called "Mobile Hotpot" which allows me to turn it into a WiFi access point that other devices can connect to. This quickly drains the battery, though. Where do you live that you can't just buy highspeed for your house/apartment?
    5. Knightfall
      Heh, well, if you decide to go that route, after all... Anyways, just finish. That's the best thing you can first. Xd
    6. Knightfall
      That's great! I certainly hope that works out for you. I've no clue what to expect with regards to publishing when the time comes, but I'll help as much as I can.

      Heh, more of a blessing for me at the moment. :D
    7. Knightfall
      Really? A dream inspired an original story idea? Well then, I'm happy to hear that, Char! I wish you luck and I hope to see it soon. :D

      Heh, I'm glad you think so!

      Indeed we all are! We're sentenced to the internet, which is the worst fate one can have brought upon themselves.
    8. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      I tested FF and I think I'll prefer Serebii as well... >.>

      Yeah, I know my story isn't the best. When it comes to writing, I have a lot to improve. But hey! It's still fun and I'll improve along the way. And besides, Knightfall's best writer.
    9. bronislav84
      You post from a phone? That's insane. Forum code is retarded on a phone keyboard. I do everything BUT post from my phone, because I can't handle the screen size. Like VMs small posts, small edits, and Internet browsing. If I need to play a game online or post, it's not my computer.

      So you convert texting to Internet time? That's really weird. Does your phone have a mobile hotpot? That's how I get my computer and consoles online. Not for long but I do.
    10. bronislav84
      What do you do? Post from Internet clubs? I have sort of a similar problem. My mom lives in the 80s. She doesn't need Internet so she thinks I don't either. The only source of Internet in the apartment is my phone, which provides Internet to other things.

      Lol nah, chameleon. But yea look up Team Chaotix. There's a chameleon in that group.

      I play most new games that come out but I'm behind.
    11. bronislav84
      Right, so it would stall that part of the RP until you came back. That's why I have the activity rule. Sorry about that.

      You can also be a chameleon. That actually has a basis in the franchise, and can do some pretty cool stuff. Just an idea.

      The games aren't terrible, just I'm not into sports so I had to pass.
    12. bronislav84
      That would depend on the situation. If you're in a fight there's no way to bunny your character fairly without know what you'd want them to do.

      You could be another type of lizard. Doesn't have to be the rare species. I don't know of any canines in the games as major or minor characters. You might have to do your own research.

      That's no problem. Sonic and Mario were on rival systems originally then they started being together in the Olympic games. Don't know if those are canon to the rest of their series, but Meh.
    13. bronislav84
      I think that would be best. I really can't help you with your issue, but would love to have you there all the same. It's just just that it ccauses problems for people if they're waiting for others is all.

      I mean the race isn't as important as the powers you give it. Races are mostly ascetic. It's just that the dragon would be a very exotic and probably rare race, and would need extensive background. A dog is just easier.

      For Sonic abilities aren't really as cut and dry as light and dark. There are standard abilities some races have, or shared abilities, which might require research. Like for example there's no data on a komodo dragon at all, so that would have to be all custom and a lot of work for you.

      Don't worry! If you need any help my VM wall is open.
    14. bronislav84
      The posting once a week thing is mostly to do with not keeping people waiting. If you're not interacting with anybody, you may as well drop out for all I care. That is to say you can be erratic and even drop out if your character isn't interacting withany others. Otherwise I'm sorry, but I can't waive the activity rule. Making people wait more than a week for you is just not fair to them. That's really all I can say about that. Would YOU enjoy being in the receiving end of not being able to post for so long? I didn't think so.

      The dragon would be interesting, and I really don't have a problem with it, but a dog is probably a better idea. The dragon is a bit too exotic. I'd be more concerned with powers, though.
    15. Knightfall
      Hey, Char! I'm doing well! How are you?

      And yes! Those sketches look good don't they? Unfortunately, I didn't draw them, I asked someone else to. But, I'd love to be able to do that one day. And I'm sure you'll get there soon.

      And you are! XD But don't worry . We're all guilty. XD
    16. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      I'll try the FF first. If I can't do that, I'll just use SerebiiForums.

      Oh... Well, this is awkward... >.>

      Try this! And I am still working on it, but... ;-; I'm so lazy when it comes to writing. Editing grammar and reviewing, I'm more than happy to do. But I just cannot find my motivation for writing my fanfic. Sure, I get bursts of inspiration, but it never lasts long.
    17. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Sounds good! Do you want the PMs on FF as well?

      And, even though this is a well-known tip, it's always a good reminder!
      Ctrl + F is your friend! :D Paste it into the bar and you have a way to get to your incorrect sentences.

      Here is my FanFiction account. I really need to update Chapter 1 and get working on Chapter 2... DX
    18. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Sure thing! I'll might need a bit to test out how to give my grammar reviews on FF, but I'll be happy to do it however possible! :D
    19. Meeker
      Hrm. That's interesting.
    20. Meeker
      I don't mind, honestly. I'm normally the one who dominates conversations. XD
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    Really likes dragons, writing, reading, music, myths, Pokémon, Digimon, Fire Emblem and Persona.

    Did I mention I like dragons?

    Also Akechi/Fem!Joker OTP.

    And am low key ARMY.


    "Write what you know. Write what you want to write about. Write like you mean it. That's it." - Kutie Pie, 2019
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