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Dec 9, 2019 at 1:55 AM
Oct 6, 2013
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Somewhere on Earth

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Learned your lesson?, from Somewhere on Earth

Life's been better but still taking it easy on the internet. Dec 4, 2019 at 3:29 AM

TheCharredDragon was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Dec 9, 2019 at 1:55 AM
    1. Andydemon
      Okay then. Glad to have you there with us, the more people we have around to repel Niihyl's attack on Celestic Town with the better.
    2. Andydemon
      Sorry if you tried to interact with one of my characters and I inadvertently ignored it. I was desperate to get a post out before Niihyl you see.
    3. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Cool, looking forward to seeing that. And hey, if you need answers, ask me anything.

      Keep up the great work!
    4. Knightfall
      You're very welcome, Charred.

      And, yeah. I'd wait a little bit to update. Take the time to revise.
    5. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Just finished the Prologue. Hot stuff, you definitely have a lot of great methods to hook the reader into diving right in. Makes me wonder if Eris or Kaxo will have a cameo in this, or if you just want to handle the whole thing with your own cast of characters. Either one is fine!

      But yeah, I like your writing style, it has great emotion, style, and soul. It's an honor to have something like this made for an RP Meeker and I made together.
    6. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Cool, thanks, I'll check it out.

      Kaxo... definitely would swear revenge and payback later. Definitely a never forgive or forget guy. He'd make sure they only won the battle and not the war.
    7. Knightfall
      Well, how long has it been since your last update? I'd say at least wait four days or so in between updates, that way you give your story some time to settle and get read before you add a new chapter.

      And, if you need to wait with the new chapter, go back through it and revise. There's always more revising that can be done, trust me. And it's good to wait a few days after you finish a chapter, as you're more likely to find errors.
    8. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      I tried to see if I could find that fanfic based on the RP, but I can't seem to figure out where it is. If you could link me to it, that would be cool, thanks.
    9. Primal Crusader V
      Primal Crusader V
      Well, do you ever see that yellow "Auto-Saved" notification in the corner right pop up whenever you're in the process of constructing your post?

      That helps save your progress of the post, that way you could simply leave and come back. When you do come back, there will be a little grey button in the bottom left that says "Restore Auto-Saved Content". Click on that, and your progress from before will load back up, allowing you to continue your post.
    10. Primal Crusader V
      Primal Crusader V
      I don't mean to be some prowling minimod of the RP, but your posts manually auto-save, that way you can expand them later own via the "Restore Auto Saved Data" (somewhere along those lines). Please don't take this the wrong way. Just some advice.
    11. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Ah, my bad, but yeah, you're right about that, lol.
    12. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Awesomeness. I'm honored, dude. I'll give it a read when I get the chance.
    13. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Just to let you know, Aaron the Charizard is accepted. Thanks again for signing up, and enjoy the RP.
    14. Meeker
      S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is my personal favorite game series, especially when you have mods!

      I take that as one of those backhanded compliments. So... thanks... I guess?
    15. Meeker
      Well, you see, the thing is that it's more or less based off of the book Roadside Picnic, which introduced the idea of zones, anomalies, stalkers, and artifacts. And THE S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games as well, those had the same idea of stalkers, the zone, and anomalies. Basically, I'm just making my contribution to the stalker sub-genre.

      Thanks for your time, and I'll keep all that in mind. I do feel that you're being picky with the description thing, but whatever. My writing style is a lot more to-the-point than Knightfall's which tends to have very long chapters and lots of description. You have to keep that in mind. But I know that it can be improved, don't get me wrong there.
    16. Meeker
      English is the most widespread. Guiness Book of Records tends to be off at times.

      Alright, please tell me what you think!
    17. Meeker
      That is true. English is the most widely spoken language if I'm not mistaken.

      The title isn't set in stone, so just be aware of that. Here.

      Also saw that you said you saw Elysium. I personally really liked that movie.
    18. Knightfall
      Well, I'll of course give it a shot. It's be rude of me not too. But, I'm flattered its style is inspired by me.

      Heh, TtA shouldn't have as much swearing, I promise.
    19. Meeker
      Heh, that's interesting. I would've expected that Filipino would be your first language.

      Alright, that's cool.

      I'll give it a look sooner or later.

      By the way, you never answered my one question. Would you like to rad my prologue to an original story?
    20. Knightfall
      Hey, Charred! I'm doing good! How are you?

      I saw that you did! I really need to catch up on it. And, I briefly saw the new story as well. I generally stayed away from the RP, so I'm not that keen on reading a story about it... But, we'll see.

      And, really? I've seen a few trailers for it, but not the movie itself.
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