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Jun 7, 2020 at 8:14 AM
Oct 6, 2013
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Somewhere on Earth

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Rated F for flirting, fluff and feels, Female, from Somewhere on Earth

Super Yoraiya! (Yosuke + Jiraiya): https://www.zerochan.net/816838 Jun 6, 2020 at 7:12 AM

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Viewing latest content, Jun 7, 2020 at 8:14 AM
    1. bronislav84
      Because they're going with a closed skill system and no making stuff up.
    2. bronislav84
      Basically their link and the holy elements are tied to their history and I can't remove it without extreme and extensive rewrites which would basically make the characters pointless to play. They wouldn't be the same anymore. It would ruin the entire sense of self because it is so defining.

      I've dug myself a hole with this.
    3. bronislav84
      I would have read it if my characters and yours would ever meet. I don't read forms unless I'm the GM, which I wasn't for that RP. It wasn't plot for the RP itself, just their own history. I've read that ability of yours cause you used it a lot, yea.
    4. bronislav84
      That's confusing. I haven't read your character form, so do what you feel is best.

      I wasn't planning on it, no. How was I supposed to know that SN 3.0 would have a closed power system?
    5. bronislav84
      Very story related.
    6. Andydemon
      I don't think anything you do can help with this case. The problem is he likely won't be able to keep Life Link, and he won't let it go, to the point where he's even saying that the removal of it will ruin his characters.

      How does he know homosexual marriage isn't allowed to begin with, did he asked Avenger? I don't think he did. Life Link isn't necessary to symbolize marriage, just say they got married, you don't need an ability to do that.

      Whether he can keep Life Link or not, I don't know for sure. But I just want him to open up and accept the new RP for what it is. He shouldn't let himself be run by an absolute preference, it shouldn't matter what the RP is doing with it's abilities, as long as you can have fun with other people during said RP, isn't that the important thing?
    7. bronislav84
      It could work. There's still the issue of if the link is broken that their relationship turns negative. I don't know what to do, and all Andy is doing is insulting instead of helping.
    8. TheCharredDragon
      bron's argument with abilities

      A show of strong ideals.

      Yes perhaps he's right, or perhaps he's wrong. In this world, who is ever truly right othen than God?

      Razor the Raptor: Hey, look on the bright side, at least the fact he's incorigible means that if he's a good guy, he'll stay a good guy.

      (Note: You may ignore this. It's just that with all this arguing, I can't help but babble even if it's gonna make it worse)
    9. bronislav84
      That's how mine works too. Just that you can't use it all the time because the battery will drain. If you plug it in the battery will hold less and less of a change over time. As for turning off Internet on the phone, that turns off Internet for any device sharing from it. You'll get a triangle on the Network Adapter status in the notification area telling you that there's no internet access.

      Yea well I do, for whenever it happens.
    10. bronislav84
      Very nice. How did you guys manage that?

      As for SN that will be a long time from now.
    11. TheCharredDragon
      Ah! So much arguing! Why does Shadow Necrosis do this!? @_@
    12. Meeker
      Yeah, alright.

      Yeah, it's fortune best. I don't give a **** about creative freedom when all it leads to is pointless stress on top if my already stressf life.
    13. bronislav84
      Lol watch the phone power die quickly. And if you charge it while using it the battery will degrade. Decisions decisions.

      But her opinion is absolutely wrong. Besides move out there really isn't much I can do. It's not an issue of money. I can afford it, just need her okay to add it to our service. Well I guess that is a bright side, but first I need to convince her of this change. Over a year and no dice yet.

      Take your time and sort out your internet troubles first. I really don't want you dropping out after all the work.
    14. bronislav84
      So you do have a hot spot feature on your phone? Good good. Use it. It drains the power kinds rapidly though.

      My mom lives in the 80s basically. She thinks that just cause she can get by without it, so can I.

      That's totally fine. Sounds fun. Looking forward to seeing that.
    15. Meeker
      Well, we think it'll happen. The only issue is when. Avenger has his fair share of real life issues, and then if he gets a job, that'll cut into his time greatly.
    16. bronislav84
      If you can't read posts then you will continue having trouble like this. You need to be able to read posts, or at least skim. Char I like RPing with you, but we need to actually be RPing together, not you asking every time what's happened. If you can get your phone to share Internet to your computer or buy a tablet, this problem goes away. A bigger screen would be much better for RP. Have you considered buying an Asus Transformer tablet? They are tablets with a keyboard dock, and are really good. They are called transformers because they transform into an almost laptop. Just not with Windows or Apple or any other computer operating system.

      Try it. See if you can get hotpot on your phone. As I said, problem goes away. We can afford it, but mom doesn't think we need it. So frustrating.
    17. bronislav84
      I didn't mean you're insane, just that is insane. The code and preview is why I can't post from a phone. That and reading Insanely long posts. Like the posts Ginger would write. Torture on a phone screen.

      It sounds weird to me because here were only allowed text or Internet or both, not converting one into the other. When I said hotpot, I meant like my phone has a feature called "Mobile Hotpot" which allows me to turn it into a WiFi access point that other devices can connect to. This quickly drains the battery, though. Where do you live that you can't just buy highspeed for your house/apartment?
    18. Knightfall
      Heh, well, if you decide to go that route, after all... Anyways, just finish. That's the best thing you can first. Xd
    19. Knightfall
      That's great! I certainly hope that works out for you. I've no clue what to expect with regards to publishing when the time comes, but I'll help as much as I can.

      Heh, more of a blessing for me at the moment. :D
    20. Knightfall
      Really? A dream inspired an original story idea? Well then, I'm happy to hear that, Char! I wish you luck and I hope to see it soon. :D

      Heh, I'm glad you think so!

      Indeed we all are! We're sentenced to the internet, which is the worst fate one can have brought upon themselves.
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