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Aug 5, 2020 at 11:12 PM
Oct 6, 2013
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Archer of Justice, Female, from Inaba

-gets tempted and looks for Mavis art. Gets a Zeref spoiler. Smacks head on desk- I knew this would happen yet I did it. Idiot... Aug 4, 2020 at 11:29 PM

TheCharredDragon was last seen:
Viewing thread Rate The Avatar Above You. (Rule update. 01.09.14), Aug 5, 2020 at 11:12 PM
    1. Azurus
      It is, because all my best ideas are when I'm on my 3DS, but I have no way transfer my work to my computer, and my computer, when I try to work on it, just saps my creativity.

      Yes, in addition, the opening post where it says location, affected RPers, etc. just add another line saying what day you are on.
    2. Azurus
      Ah, that makes sense.
      I use a 3DS myself, and I find it the most comfortable to use for writing, but I can't save anything on it, so I use a computer.

      Also, since I have your attention. The latest *IMPORTANT* message on the discussion thread concerns everyone, give it a read if you haven't already.
    3. Azurus
      (Oh, my bad, sorry. Huh, no computer to use? Or is it just inconvenient?)
    4. Azurus
      Eh, that's fine, it's not like actually knowing for a fact on how long a post takes really matters.

      I still feel like I missed a big opportunity there, for me to join SN, but looking back on it, I don't think I would have had the success there as I do here. (I prefer longer posts as opposed to shorter ones, so if you have choice and you don't mind taking the time, I'd prefer to see the lengthier ones.)
    5. Azurus
      Woah, that takes the longest time for a post than mine ever was.

      Thanks, it's nice to hear approval as I'm always a little unsure. I'm liking it quite a bit, though it's a shame I have to wait for other people to catch up before I can post again. I'm glad, I joined the RP to have fun and if others are having fun too, then it's great.
    6. bronislav84
      Yea even if you wanted to play Nega I wouldn't have accepted cause you were busy with Cordoned anyway. But yea he and I had been chatting about possible stuff about it. Don't think he means to come back, and it's just ideas. Or he might come back. Only he knows really.

      So it was the posts that drew you into cordoned? I should read some, maybe I'll change my mind. But yea I gotta be picky and I'm giving Meek space so still don't think I will be able to join.
    7. bronislav84
      No no I'm not asking you to play Nega. Just saying that's the only thing that could help that RP get back to working order, or a substantial rewrite. As for Cordoned, I personally think it's very average. It's an interesting story, but it didn't really make me go "Wow! I want to join that!" but maybe that was because I'm trying to be picky with what I join since I'm in a lot of RPs right now. Also, Meek and I weren't on the best of terms at the time, and now I'm giving him space so I really shouldn't join it anyway.
    8. bronislav84
      I felt like I had to apologize to everyone who put down a signup or showed interest, and Andy knows I'm sorry to him too. At least I think he does. Short of playing Nega yourself, there's not much you can do to help, but thanks for offering. As for being excited for Cordoned, that's your choice. I personally think the Sonic RP could be really epic if there was somebody doing Nega. I incorporated things that worked with SN 2.0 and past RPs I'd ran.
    9. Primal Crusader V
      Primal Crusader V
      Okay, looks pretty good. Have fun!
    10. Primal Crusader V
      Primal Crusader V
      Okay. If you need any help or inquiries, Meek and I have our doors open.
    11. Primal Crusader V
      Primal Crusader V
      Yes, you can. Sorry to overload you like that, but it has to be done since I don't usually accept short histories. It's also suggested in the "How to make an SU" thread, so I go by that, too.

      No problem at all!
    12. Primal Crusader V
      Primal Crusader V
      Oh no, you don't have to save me any trouble. As a matter of fact, I encouraged you to delve deeper into her motives and feelings regarding the P2 explosion. About 4 additional sentences at least.

      But you can still post. I know you'll make the changes.
    13. Azurus
      I thought I was just inexperienced in posting, so spending a lot of time to make something readable doesn't sound like something others would have to do given their experience, though if that's normal, then I feel better about the time it takes me. I always find that kind of sentence to be amusing. "Yo dawg, I heard you like surprises so we put a surprise in your surprise so you can be surprised as you open your surprise." I dunno either.
    14. Azurus
      Yeah, it's not uncommon for me to spend about half a day working on these posts, though that could change as this is my first RP. Hmm, that's quite a while then, I'm surprised I'm not the only one to spend a long time on the posts, though I shouldn't be after reading a few of them.
    15. Azurus
      Also, it reads much better now.
    16. Azurus
      Ah, that's good then.

      I had the same problem when writing out my transformation sequence as well, and Ihad to resort to a 2-3 hour session of trying to tidy that up.
    17. Azurus
      Oops, I misplaced *the* it should be in front of intense, not behind. My bad.

      Yeah, it just reads oddly with having that word appear 1 or more times per sentence. No problem, I'm here to help and make this as enjoyable as possible.
    18. SoulMuse
      Yeah, that's fine.
    19. Azurus
      "She didn't *think* the pain could get any worse as most of it dulled down. But she *was* wrong as she gave an ear-splitting scream when she felt intense *the* pain"

      The asterisks are around the words that are missing. As for the word pain, try to come up with synonyms or find a way to remove them entirely.
    20. Azurus
      I took notice of your latest post, the first half was easy to follow, but you are missing a few words during your transformation and have several back to back instances of the word pain, so it reads awkwardly.
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