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Apr 5, 2020 at 7:23 AM
Oct 6, 2013
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Somewhere on Earth

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A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part, Female, from Somewhere on Earth

Shameless self adverstising! P5 AU fic w/ Akechi/Fem!Akira: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/675180/ Mar 30, 2020 at 10:09 PM

TheCharredDragon was last seen:
Viewing member profile mehmeh1, Apr 5, 2020 at 7:23 AM
    1. Zephraxe
      Káthira: Haha! *Backs away from Axl* I'm Káthira, Kórvem's little sister. *Smiling*

      Zephraxe: *Transforms back to his normal self* Better stop transforming or awhile... Making myself tired.

      Kórvem: Indeed. You should be more careful, Zephraxe.

      Athéla: Hmm... *Looks at Kórvem and gets an idea*
    2. Zephraxe
      Kórvem: *Suddenly becomes visible beside Zepharíah* I am here.

      "Hai." :3 *A Latias becomes visible directly in front of Axl. Her face is so close to his that they are almost touching*
    3. Zephraxe
      Braxton: Hi, Balkiov!

      Balkiov: *Gets up and helps Braxton up* Hey! I'm so happy to see you!

      Ralvia: Now it's my turn for a hug! *Hugs Braxton*

      Braxton: *Hugs Ralvia* Hehe, I'm so glad you're both here. :3

      Athéla: *Smiles, happy to see them reunited*
    4. torterra_4_the_win
      Oh well that makes sense. Probably when you grow up, live action will be more enjoyable.
    5. Zephraxe
      Zepharíah: Yes, yes I did. Because I think it's fun.

      "Braxton!" *A Riolu glomps Braxton to the ground*

      Braxton: Wah! *Falls to the ground with the Riolu on top of him*

      *Another Riolu walks over from the same direction the first Riou came, smiling*
    6. Zephraxe
      Athéla: No, because this is really my brother.

      Zepharíah: Way to ruin all the fun. >:I

      Braxton: *Looks around, wondering where Kórvem and the others are*
    7. Zephraxe
      Athéla: ... Do you really think this is a good time for this? >_>

      Zepharíah: I think this is the best time. *Smiles at Zero* I'm Zepharíah.

      Braxton: *Sees and hears Zepharíah and giggles*
    8. Zephraxe
      Athéla: Not really sure-

      "Hey, guys!" ^^ *A Gardevoir walks up to them. Her voice has a strange familiarity to it*


      Braxton: *Follows Nicemé*
    9. Zephraxe
      Athéla: No, not yet. He'll be back soon, I hope...


      Braxton: Sure. Maybe Zeph is back. :3
    10. Zephraxe
      Athéla: I'm not sure if we have any self-aware robots...


      Braxton: When Ralvia and Balkiov get here, training with you will be so much easier...
    11. Zephraxe
      Athéla: We have places in my world were there are plenty of those... Like the world famous Larousse City.


      Braxton: And Bullet Punch. Very good. :3
    12. TrottingMinccino
      Adding a slight paralysis chance (Even though 10% is already a negligible ratio to rely on) sounds ok to me.

      Ah, it's ok, i'll keep you in mind the next time I have slot open!
    13. Zephraxe
      Athéla: I couldn't imagine a world without Pokémon...


      Braxton: Can you tell me a move Riolu can learn that would be super effective against a Psychic/Fairy type such as myself? >:3
    14. TrottingMinccino
      Oh, hi again! how are things?

      Anyway, Hmm...An attack that does more damage than the energy needed to use usually doesn't sit well with the ones who check signatures(Strictly speaking, Decent < Solid). Unless said attack has a certain condition that triggers to do more damage(Like a distance, health, or energy threshold). You can do that or change the move's output a little bit (Like making it deal Good damage for Good energy instead).

      Also, don't be afraid to be a tad more merciful with sacrificing moves. If you ask me, dropping just Flamethrower is a fair enough trade-off (Unless you truly have no particular need for the others.)!
    15. Zephraxe
      Athéla: I don't know if I want to know... It all sounds very strange to me.


      Braxton: Hmm... Do you know about type match ups?
    16. Zephraxe
      Athéla: Cyber Elf? Okay, now I'm getting really weirded out. You're obviously not from the same world I'm from.
    17. Zephraxe
      Athéla: ... That's really weird... Does that mean the robot had a soul?


      Braxton: Train? Sure! *Hops to his feet*
    18. bronislav84
      We've been citizens for a while now, but yea we're immigrants.
    19. torterra_4_the_win
      Hahah XD

      Well I suppose there are many reasons to have that opinion :)
    20. Zephraxe
      Athéla: *Looks at Zero for a moment and blinks* ...? Are you serious?


      Braxton: They love cuddling just as much as I do. They'll be sad that I can't cuddle them both at once anymore, though...
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    Really likes dragons, writing, reading, music, myths, Persona, Fire Emblem, Pokémon and Digimon.

    Did I mention I like dragons?

    Also Akechi/Fem!Joker OTP.

    And am low key ARMY.


    "Write what you know. Write what you want to write about. Write like you mean it. That's it," Kutie Pie, 2019.
    "Time to make ships come true regardless of the lack of option!" mehmeh1, 2020.
    The Prince and the Thief, "The Persona 5 medieval Europe-esque AU with Akechi/Fem!Akira no one asked for."
    Pet the Dog indeed.