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May 27, 2020 at 6:40 AM
Oct 6, 2013
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Somewhere on Earth

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Rated F for flirting, fluff and feels, Female, from Somewhere on Earth

Niles sweeps Corrin off her feet: https://i.pinimg.com/474x/68/96/e1/6896e18a765ddbe544f679ddc9e14c66--fire-emblem-fates-anime-couples.jpg May 27, 2020 at 2:34 AM

TheCharredDragon was last seen:
Viewing latest content, May 27, 2020 at 6:40 AM
    1. Zephraxe
      Kórvem: *Floats near Zeph* Shall we go look for the others?

      Zephraxe: That would be a good idea.


      Braxton: Really? Yeah, stay! We can play, too, if you want.

      Balkiov: I wanna play a game!

      Ralvia: So do I. ^^
    2. KAYLAF0X
      Alright, I posted the battle here
    3. Zephraxe
      Athéla: It was nice meeting you as well. *Smiles*

      Zephraxe: *Nods* You three be careful out there.


      Braxton: At least I tried...
    4. Zephraxe
      OOC: Most people tend to miss my messages when they get burried in other VMs.

      Athéla: It's all right, I understand.

      Zephraxe: But I doubt few can actually understand what he's been through...


      Braxton: If you wanna be friends with me, then yes. :3
    5. Zephraxe
      OOC: Ah, okay. I do that just in case you may have missed it. ^^

      Athéla: Not really sure... *Looking at Káthira*


      Braxton: Oh... You can leave, if you want. :/
    6. Zephraxe
      Káthira: Hmph. *Crosses her arms and turns away*

      Athéla: *Sighs* Sorry about her behavior...


      Braxton: What if he wants to stay and talk?

      Ralvia: *Sees the new Totodile and walks over, curious* Hey.

      Balkiov: *Follows his sister* Heyo!
    7. Ethe
      yeha, that's perfect.
    8. Andydemon
      I guess. Things haven't gotten much better since my Grandmother passed. Well, Mom's doing better I guess, except she's still looking for a job. She's got a lead on one I think, but it hasn't amounted to anything yet.
    9. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      Thanks, its good to know someone missed me. Charizard was better in brawl then the new games though so that's something right? Improper medication ? Yeah I can see how that could sicken someone...
    10. KAYLAF0X
      Oh, sure! I can do that! :)
      As long as I get permission from Ethe
    11. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Hey, sounds interesting and funny to me! :D
    12. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      You do not need to. You should not edit the squad post in a match, so.
    13. Hydrohs
      Report it.
    14. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      As a note, I will be refereeing your Charizard as being the normal height, not four feet. This is because unless you have an approved signature that changes its size, making Charizard smaller (And thus harder to hit) is not something that can be done.

      Also, you may want to just copy and paste your Pokemon's biographies in your Squad Summary. It is much more convenient for all involved.
    15. Zephraxe
      Káthira: *Looks at Zero* You're obviously a party pooper. We don't need part poopers.

      Athéla: Uh, Káthira? Now's not the time...

      Káthira: Hmph.


      Braxton: Whatcha doin' out here?
    16. Zephraxe
      Zephraxe: *Silent* ...

      Káthira: *Slowly floats up to Zeph and hugs him* ... Hai. :3

      Zephraxe: Oh, uh... Hey. ^^;


      Braxton: Oh, that's your name? Never heard anything quite like that. I'm Braxton! Braxton Baikorov.

      OOC: I don't know what I thought it was. xD
    17. Ethe
      I'm down with that.
    18. Zephraxe
      Zephraxe: Hm? So they have... Well, if Ralvia and Balkiov are with Brax, I feel more comfortable.


      Braxton: It's what?

      OOC: Is that Autocorrect being weird?
    19. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Well, tell me the long version!
    20. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      I see! But what's the game series about, actually?
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    Somewhere on Earth
    Nintendo Network ID:
    I don't have one
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    Don't have one
    You'll have to find out yourself.


    "Write what you know. Write what you want to write about. Write like you mean it. That's it," Kutie Pie, 2019.
    "Time to make ships come true regardless of the lack of option!" mehmeh1, 2020
    "The Persona 5 medieval Europe-esque AU with Akechi/Fem!Akira no one asked for."
    Credit to @Sketchie for the amazing banner!