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Jul 5, 2020 at 1:22 PM
Oct 6, 2013
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I found you, Female, from Inaba

TWEWY anime trailer is out and they kept the art style! Looking forward to it and am hopeful. Jul 4, 2020 at 6:21 AM

TheCharredDragon was last seen:
Jul 5, 2020 at 1:22 PM
    1. Zephraxe
      Zephraxe: Sure, let's see him. But I don't think a computer virus would affect a living thing.

      Braxton: Ralvia, Balkiov? Did you see Nicemé leave?

      Balkiov: Nope.

      Ralvia: I didn't.
    2. matthew11
      No prob. If you're into action, you should see it :D.

      Why don't you try it? I mean, just a little bit of contribution is enough. After all, it's an opinion-based thread. And I'm the so-called Mini Mod there.
    3. Zephraxe
      Athéla: I've lost all hope about Valo. :/

      Zephraxe: Huh?

      Braxton: *Notices Nicemé is gone* Huh?
    4. Zephraxe
      Zephraxe: *His curiosity is piqued* ... How did you gain emotion, then?
    5. Zephraxe
      Athéla: ... I feel like thats the most ironic thing someone could do... Make a weapon and give it emotions.
    6. Zephraxe
      Athéla: I see... So... Does that mean you were created to fight in that war?
    7. torterra_4_the_win
      The nausea. There are fangirls and fanboys in everything, and a lot of them are irritating. Like bronies *shudders*
    8. Zephraxe
      Kórvem: *Stops the Sight Sharing*

      Káthira: *Picks Braxton up and hugs him*

      Braxton: Hey, Káthira.

      Athéla: Armor for what, though?
    9. Zephraxe
      Braxton: Káthira loves to cuddle as well.

      Káthira: You bet I do. :3

      Athéla: *Looks at Axl* Whoa... That... Is different...

      Zephraxe: What exactly is that you're wearing?
    10. Zephraxe
      Braxton: We really love it. :3

      Balkiov: *Hugs his sister* Yes we do. *Smiling happily*

      Zephraxe: Ah, that's right. I tend to forget how extensive a Zoroark's abilities can be.

      OOC: Yeah, doesn't really work on phones.
    11. Zephraxe
    12. Zephraxe
      Zephraxe: Latios can manipulate others into seeing what he is seeing or something he created in his mind. It's quite amazing.

      OOC: I wish I had drawn them myself, but oh well. :/
    13. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      Yeah I don't have a lot of time anymore and I'm usually all over the place , but thanks :3, Ah I used to do ASB but that time is long gone, Smash is quite fun, What were you sick with?
    14. Zephraxe
      Kórvem: *Closes his eyes and focuses* ...

      *Suddenly, to everyone within Kórvem's general vicinity, Zeph, Athéla, and Braxton take on their true forms as humans... But it's only an illusion*

      Zephraxe: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/344/8/8/zeph_by_zephraxe-d7z77ig.png

      Athéla: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/008/e/9/athela_baikorov_by_zephraxe-d7p5cen.png

      Braxton: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2015/008/6/2/braxton_baikorov_by_zephraxe-d8d51oy.png

      OOC: Because I'm not good at drawing, I used a flash player thing on DeviantART to make my characters.
    15. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      Things have lightened up a little bit. What kind of stuff has happened?
    16. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      Yeah Its me :3 I have been go, yourself?
    17. Solar Faber
    18. Zephraxe
      Athéla: No, of course not. But Kórvem can use his Sight Sharing to show you what we really look like. *Looks at Kórvem* You wouldn't mind doing that, would you?

      Kórvem: No, not at all.
    19. matthew11
      It's annoying for me though! xD I had to wait a waiting time of 20 seconds before the Message application opens completely :/. The subbed version might be up in about a week's time, though I don't know which day it would be uploaded. And god it was such a powerful and awesome episode. Too bad Alan and Manon had to separate :/
    20. matthew11
      Well, for some, it is annoying depending on how fast the phone process. Did you watched Strongest Mega Evolutions Act III?
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