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  • Yeah, Sequoia's team is a combination of two of my favorite fire pokemon and my love for the birds of prey I work with. Though the flying type isn't limited strictly to birds. All but two of her pokemon are secondary flying type in order for some diversity.
    Fun fact: Veronica was also made by Team Plasma. I don't mention that in the Sign Up because the first post says Team Rocket is the group that does genitic manipulation.
    *high fives* I see we were thinking along the same lines for our characters in a search and rescue occupation.
    Hopefully they'll be able to keep it tame, just wishful thinking?

    I haven't seen the movies. Sad, I know. Still i'm still a tad hesitant, considering the tendencies of people...The ruin of Mosaic put me in a poor mood and I haven't been very interested in RPs since. You could say i'm a very, *Ahem* special person, of a particular niche. It takes just 1 instance of the aforementioned issues to set me off like a firework and spoil it for me. I can cool down, but if it continues...Well, it'll make it even harder for me to keep going. Loss of life and general tragedy are actually bigger offenders than the swearing, so i'll outright stay away from that.
    Oh wow, you've read almost everything? Haha, thanks, and glad you liked Progenitors so much, I'm always pleased when that one gets love.

    You might want to hold off on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Plasbad - it's long overdue for a revision I want to drop next year. Then again, it's overdue because that's whet I said this year, so if you're itching to know what's up with those Tom and Tiger dorks go agead and read the current version.
    Hey, I just wanna check something with you before I get my post up. Hansel and Caliburn just appeared out of the tunnels, out of nowhere? Since Sullivan followed Daniel back out the tunnel (in my post, which has yet to go up), would he have been able to see them appear (out of a side tunnel maybe?), climb up, then climb back down, down rush into the tunnels? Out of curiosity, Ana and Daniel would have seen them too, right?
    I think you misunderstood me. Monday and Tuesday were kinda busy for me and I was planning to write a response tonight, unless you want me to wait a bit so that you can put in an opportunity for Christine and Ana to show up again?
    It's totally fine if you want to unadd me! ^^;; Just thought it would be easier to add you all should we need to keep in contact!!
    Yes! I'm so sorry to bother you - I'm I'm the legends roleplay and since I'm not really familiar with anyone I thought it might be a good idea to add everyone! Nice to meet you! ^^
    She's FIGHT. I told all of them to Mon, if you want to go a-snooping.

    Becuase the woodland creature has a heart and liver that can be given to the evil queen in place for him. (In the original story, the Evil Queen wants Snow White's heart and liver. Woo!)
    I want Ama to be the Main Dwarf, the Doc so to speak, but Linda can be Happy. I'm probably not going to follow the disney version as much as the fairy tale itself, so we'll see. I am going to actually write this though.

    I actually am going to have it end up in a draw. I'm not going to include powers in this remake, just personality, so it ends in a draw, and Lucas kills some woodland creature to give to Archie.
    Sure, you can go ahead and ask him. We're almost at the end of Scenario 1 and I'm planning to open Sign-Ups again, so if he doesn't want to continue I'll make Honesty available.

    All right, I'll see what kind of post I can whip up next week for Mythos.
    Yeah I am. Schade seems to have vanished from this RP so I am considering moving on without him. I would like a recap of what's happened in Mythos - my characters and their powers seemed to be kinda useless for the scenario in the end so any chance to be able to get back into the plot would be appreciated.
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