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  • Oh, yes! Sorry, I forgot to confirm that in the discussion thread. I've been away more than usual due to work for a while that I missed that, but things are settling down now so I am getting back in the grove.
    Saaame. I think one's gonna be a good one!

    OH MY GOSH THAT'S WHY HE LOOKED FAMILIAR! I couldn't place why he felt so familiar, that's why! (I understand, I've used Lucas's brothers and even Caleb Hoffman in RP's because hey, family is a great way to farm characters.)
    Joshua is going to take one look at Sunny and be like "OH MY GOSH YOU'RE ALMOST AS TALL AS I AM!"
    It's a sinkhole that leads into the ground; deep beneath it, so if any evil spirits or whatever the restless dead or stuff, if it somehow corrupts the earth enough, Lanaya should be able to feel that something's wrong. If Sullivan is in sufficient danger as well, Lanaya will feel an urge to rush to his aid, no matter the distance. It's more like a ancestral connection, since Enkidu and Gil were best buddies 4 life. And then he'll come to the sinkhole and do his mud business.
    Should prolly check who's still in/wants to be in the RP and who doesn't. Anyway, I was planning to involve myself and Kaede somehow within the sinkhole investigation. Perhaps if something happens and if Lanaya can somehow feel something he would go. It'll probably have to involve Sullivan though.
    (add this to the last big paragraph I sent)

    Humanity is not the only species that thrives on the presence of the leylines. Fantastic creatures abound across Arcadia, strengthened by magic. The most terrible of these creatures, however, are the Skourge, nightmarish things that appeared at a relatively recent point in human history. Unlike most species, who form mutual relationship with the leylines, the Skourge seek only to consume. Areas with large numbers of Skourge cause the leylines to warp and the land to wither. Since their appearance, the Skourge have caused the near-extinction of many other plant and animal species.

    Their presence has cause humanity to retreat and consolidate its presence to the Strongholds: massive, self-sufficient cities. Each city creates its own social and economic bubble behind its high walls. Cities compete with one another for mineral rights and strategic resources located in the wilds beyond their borders, where certain doom awaits the unprepared. To protect its citizens each city sponsors and supports the Arcadian Military Academies, schools where they train the next generations in the proper use of magic, science, and combat to ensure that humanity survives.

    At the Academies, the students are drafted into platoons; each with their own name and number assigned to them. These platoons operate as a “family†of sorts. They train together, study together, and live together. In turn, they represent their city in competitions for resources, protect the city and its interests when called upon, and compete with one another for recognition and status.

    You are a student at the Military Academy of Halcyon, recently drafted into the Thirteenth Platoon. The summer lull has ended, and training is about to begin again in earnest.
    My inclination now is for a Fantasy/Sci-Fi mix for the Academy, akin to final fantasy. I just don't quite know what the mix/balance of those is going to be, and how far in either direction I'm going to push it. That makes any sort of planning pretty difficult. Sci-fi is pretty easy for me. But Fantasy has so many different grades and methods. What type of magic do I implement? How separate is magic from the physical? etc.
    Medium is the in-between. A little bit of what makes both light and heavy what they are, but nothing particularly unreal. Maybe they have one specific stat that stands out from the rest, but mostly they're the "Jack of all Stats/Trades, Master of None."
    So it isn't really like the Armored Core RP requires actual stats. It's more weight and build specialization. From the old RP:

    The Armored Cores are divided into three weight categories: light, medium, and heavy. The lightest are the fastest and most agile, but also fragile. They specialize in lighter weaponry, but can equip heavier cannons and missiles at the cost of their speed and maneuverability. Heavy ACs have massive physical power with a much higher load capacity for weapons and ammo, but are slower. The legs types of an AC also determine its movement and combat type. There are three types of legs: biped, quadruped, and tank. Biped and quadruped legs come in the three weight categories, but biped legs are also divided by standard or reverse-joint structure. The reverse-joint structure has less load capacity, but is suited for jumping and aerial combat. Quadruped legs are the opposite, geared solely for ground superiority and maneuverability. Tank "legs" are different, coming in two types, tread and hover. The tread tanks have the highest load capacity and can even store full-sized weapons in specialized compartments, but are slow and difficult to maneuver. The hover tanks have very low load capacity, but combine the ground and aerial maneuverability of the quadruped and reverse-joint leg types.

    Weapons setup:
    Arms: hand-held/wrist-mounted
    Back: mounted cannons
    Shoulders: mounted; usually flares, decoy missiles, extra propulsion, extra missiles
    Hangars (stored in leg-panels): small backup weapons

    Back-mounted weapons are best reserved for the things with higher recoil because you have more stability (and are referred to as "cannons" - laser cannons/sniper cannons/gattling cannon). That said, heavier ACs can equip parts with higher recoil on either arm due to their greater weight-bearing capacity. The arm spots are best kept for weapons that require more dexterity and aiming in fast-paced combat (blades, machine guns, assault/rifles, etc).
    So do you have any thoughts on the potential RPGs? You guys seemed to be most interested, and I'm still pretty unsure on the direction I'm looking to take this one.
    Its alright, I've forgot to answer things plenty of times before

    Nah just role playing on skype with friends
    Ah, I wondered about that. I fugured as much, though I did wonder where you disappeared to so suddenly...

    Yeah, I did take a look. I must say it's quite well done, if you ask me!
    Oh, hey! It's been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, I saw new posts in the Ideas and Wishes thread and decided to check it out on a whim. And, much to my shock, I saw someone talking about a different way to go about RPGs and it piqued my interest! So I decided to take a chance and post about how I felt and what my own wishes were.
    I actually chose Elaine from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. In fact, all of Lucas's parents' names come from that game! Luana, Isaac, Elaine, Ollie (Oliver), they're all important people from Shadows of Almia. (I also didn't pay attention in English class to remember anything about Arthurian legend.) I have not watched any of it yet. Care to explain though?

    I'm taking up engineering because yeah! Science! Math! Woo-hoo! I love drawing and writing and acting, but I worry that if I had to do that as a job, I would lose my love for it. But engineering is great and I'm okay with losing my love for it if/when it happens.
    Well, the eyes are the spiteful gazes that people have casted without realizing it, and one of his abilities is being a natural talisman which is why they flew off of his friend. I guess I didn't explain that aspect well, basically he can only cast one curse on his own and multiple when there are more people around him.
    Yeah, by his mom I'm talking about Mrs. Elaine Moncrief. I feel like I don't exactly have a type for my characters? I have a lot, and they're all pretty different. Most are afraid of abandonment, though. I think that's just their writer bleeding into them.

    Well, I want to be monogamous too, but it is just an analogy. I've been doing it for at least 5-6 years, and while I would love to make it a career, I probably wouldn't. Engineering, what up!
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