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  • Thing's have been abit rough but I'm still standing at least, currently spending all day inside role playing thought cause its hot outside and I can't go swimming with my ear infection
    Lucas's personality and appearance stays the exact same, but here are the important history points:

    1. Born into Cranford and Morgenstern.
    2. Moves to Seattle (Age 4.5)
    3. Abuse begins, slowly (Age 5). Isaac's parents die, leaving him to go to Germany more often.
    4. Meets Collin Hannula.
    5. Dec 4, age 9 - Intentional Chest Stab. Dec 16 - Accidental Side Stab, requires staples.
    6. Dec 18 - Isaac dies by the hands of his wife.
    7. Sep 13, age 10 - Adopted by Moncriefs, changes name.
    8. Sep 20, age 10 - Nightmares begin
    9. Oct 11, age 10 - Diagnosed with PTSD
    10. Age 14, Lucas loses his virginity, it goes downhill from there.
    11. Age 15, Derek Armstrong happens, he is raped. There's that trauma to deal with, and he can't drink alcohol without experiencing flashbacks about it.
    12. Age 15, diagnosed BPD.
    13. Age 15, Russian Roulette is formed.
    14. Age 16, tried ketamine, messed with the nightmare medication, so drugs are out.
    15. Age 17, Bathtub Incident (tries to kill himself the first time --> leads to self-harm problem)
    16. Age 17, Collin (Best Friend) talks to Lucas about Fears and Worries about his recklessness. (This and the above incident is what motivated Lucas to stop being so reckless sexually.)

    Those are The Important Plot points, the most important are italicized. I tweak those with every AU, so say for the Titans AU, you add in there the plot points of learning about his powers and how to use them, and moving to Chromium City at 19. As for Culture Shock, Lucas moves to Provo at age 16 -- because of this, he never attempts suicide and loses most of his contact with Collin, so he never really stopped being reckless when it comes to sex. (But in that AU, Lucas is 16, so who knows.) 20s AU? A lot of that is changed. Collin and friends don't exist, both Luana and Isaac were killed in a shooting, Derek also doesn't exist... in that AU, lots have been changed.
    Exactly! i have a lot of characters that Important Parts of them have to do with the role-play itself. Lucas, however, mostly just has important points that can be isolated and mutable. I have a timeline for him and all the important parts and things that were changed for different AU's and it's very interesting. Are you using Solarines in any RP right now?
    Yo, did you get my last message? I sent it in between a forum blip, and it's not even appearing on my activity wall, so it looks like it was posted I want to make sure.
    Niiice. I get what you mean, though no, I've never seen her. I understand. Lucas was created for August Nights nigh three years ago, he was a banette based hero kind of a thing. (If you're wondering where Nightmare comes from, it was because in that RP apparently eventually they'd get legendary powers, and I was thinking Darkrai for Luc. His umbrakinesis and dream manipulation comes from banette and darkrai.) And then I fell in love with him and couldn't let go. So I end up using him. A lot. Because I can't let go of my baby.
    I see your point. I was just getting frustrated after waiting 6 days for someone to do something, and this is an RP I'd personally like to see last since it's one of the rare chances I get to use Kitai (Not many RPs really open themselves up for a Kitsune as I'm sure you're aware.)
    I should be able to reply in Civil War tomorrow. I have had a busy week with work and moving into a house at the same time.
    Just wondering if this RP might be on another site where it won't have half it's people disappear inexplicably before something happens in the plot.
    oOh that's what you were asking! Sorry about that. Nah, I was looking for a fan-fic to read that had recently started, and it jumped out at me. Honestly, most Utahns I know love jokes about Utah. (Such as making fun of Salt Lake City's name.)

    Gotcha, good to know.
    And besides, you're a pretty cool person. sAME i will fight for the people i care about, both in a verbal and physical sense.
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