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  • Yo, did you get my last message? I sent it in between a forum blip, and it's not even appearing on my activity wall, so it looks like it was posted I want to make sure.
    Niiice. I get what you mean, though no, I've never seen her. I understand. Lucas was created for August Nights nigh three years ago, he was a banette based hero kind of a thing. (If you're wondering where Nightmare comes from, it was because in that RP apparently eventually they'd get legendary powers, and I was thinking Darkrai for Luc. His umbrakinesis and dream manipulation comes from banette and darkrai.) And then I fell in love with him and couldn't let go. So I end up using him. A lot. Because I can't let go of my baby.
    I see your point. I was just getting frustrated after waiting 6 days for someone to do something, and this is an RP I'd personally like to see last since it's one of the rare chances I get to use Kitai (Not many RPs really open themselves up for a Kitsune as I'm sure you're aware.)
    I should be able to reply in Civil War tomorrow. I have had a busy week with work and moving into a house at the same time.
    Just wondering if this RP might be on another site where it won't have half it's people disappear inexplicably before something happens in the plot.
    oOh that's what you were asking! Sorry about that. Nah, I was looking for a fan-fic to read that had recently started, and it jumped out at me. Honestly, most Utahns I know love jokes about Utah. (Such as making fun of Salt Lake City's name.)

    Gotcha, good to know.
    And besides, you're a pretty cool person. sAME i will fight for the people i care about, both in a verbal and physical sense.
    Because I consider us friends, at least the kind who sits next to you in class though you don't talk much anywhere else. (An hey, we have talked some, and I end up seeing all of your activity stuffs on other people's walls anyway.)
    It's a bit insconsistent, since Ghetsis goes by Harmonia and tells N he disgraced the bloodline. Then again it could wind up ad just a placehiolder name in the Yangverse's case so to speak.

    And thank you!
    Sweet! I like those match up too. Kovu's probably going to be the hardest nut to crack given his background. He'll trailing along the edge of the group more confused than anything. Good thing Sura has armor since he's pretty much on the defense and quite wild.
    It maaaaay remind me of something kinda spoilerly regarding Kyurem's ties to the Harmonia bloodline in th Yangverse (though not literal blood ties in this case) that amused me even though both plans are more serious in tone.

    Looking forward to that cameo if it happens then!
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