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  • Posted a response for Shula and Frost, let me know if what I did was okay, I tried leaving Frost a few opportunities to speak to contribute to the conversation.
    Hey! Was wondering if you would be interested in a friend request since we're several rps together.
    Durarara is an anime set in the Ikebukuro District in Tokyo. It's mostly centered around these three friends, but the cast also includes a inhumanly strong man with a short temper named Shizuo, a Information Broker named Izaya, who like I said Alex is partly based on, and of all things a Dullahan named Celty.
    Kitsune are my favorite mythological creatures, and Renamon and her evolutions are about the closest thing Digimon has to Kitsune.

    Hell no, I hate Alex Mercer after playing Prototype 2. Personality and appearance wise Alex Wesker's partly based on Izaya Orihara from Durarara. Obviously his last name comes from Albert Wesker from Resident Evil, and I just like the name Alex.
    Well, I see BlackGatomon making sense. Knightmon and Leopardmon being female struck me as a bit of an odd idea at first, but I quickly thought "Mmmmmm I guess it's sensible."
    I know, I realized after actually reading Impmon's personality that this isn't gonna be anything like what Renamon and Impmon were like in Tamers.
    It's Dog/Wolf like Digimon, and I associate Tim with Dogs/Wolves. I found it by myself. I didn't want to be boring and use Gabumon. xD
    Oh geez. You and I got Impmon and Renamon in the RP. I'm getting some serious Tamers deja vu right now XD
    I use dude in a very gender neutral sense, but I can refrain from referring to you as one. Right, I forgot how gory NGE was... yeah maybe don't watch it if that isn't your vibe.

    I gotcha, that's why I quickly went back to English. Sometimes I can't help myself, y'know? (Oh heck... you're right... he do e s)
    Dude, do yourself a favor and look up a Cruel Angel's Thesis. That's the title of the opener and it's amazing. Honestly I think you'll be fine if you wanted to watch it, though if you've been spoiled already maybe that isn't worth it for you? Idk. I don't much care if I'm spoiled or not, so...

    Ich spreche Deutsch, ja. Mein Vater sprach es schon vor langer Zeit, so dass ich gelernt dass es wegen ihm. (Though, I didn't know Asuka did. Seems my life is inexplicably tied to an anime I don't watch xD)
    Blogs and fan art and MEMES. All I know is that it has an amazing opener, really cool designs for a 90s anime, and GET IN THE ROBOT, SHINJI. That's it. That's all I know. Pathetic, eh?
    I know, I know. XD I was joking. I know how to be concise~

    Well, I'll at least give them a look. If it's too fast, I'll probably pass, but I'd like to see for myself.
    How much faster? I mean, if it's every couple of days, I might be able to make the effort, since I'd like to start writing novella-length RP posts again, but if it's something I have to keep up to date with on the hour...yeah, might not be able to join. XD

    And yay~
    Very nice, very nice~ Sounds as awesome as you're making it out to be. XD And would this Grimlock happen to be a Dinobot Transformer? Not super into that series, but I'm just glad I recognize a name. XD
    To be fair, I have been a little inactive over the past couple of months. Trying to get on here more, but school and work eats up a lot of my time. :p

    Oh, nice! I hear TVTropes RPs are nice~ How're you liking that so far?
    XD Really?! It sucks that you forgot about it then, that would've been quite a surprise for me.

    On the subject of the fic, I should tell you that it's being revised with Ginger's help in response to some criticism I received and I'm gonna be starting over in a new thread in better quality for all intents and purposes.
    *coughs* I've... actually never seen it either, though I'm gonna binge watch it (and by binge watch I mean two episodes a night) over the summer. I just know a lot about it because of Tumblr. It's an iconic anime, which is why I used it in CFCR.
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