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  • Hey Charred, I stumbled across Ginger's TV Tropes page for the SN RP from way back when and saw that someone made a tab for my fic. You wouldn't have had anything to do with that, would you have?
    Great! Thanks a bunch, and that's ok. I was reading some Golden Sun series fics for a while. Here's one interesting fic I read: Misunderstanding. It's just a short one-shot, but this is one of the fics I am a sucker for xD

    I now have list of fics + suggestions in the Amour thread. Gonna read them all this week since I have absolutely nothing to do.

    Yep, even later than noon to be precise. It's like wake-up/eat/sleep routine. I remember how I woke up at 6 or earlier in the morning just to go to school before anyone else.
    I would appreciate that actually. Anything that's not Yaoi or Yuri. I'm just lying on my bed all day just thinking about life instead of spending my vacation like the rest. Thanks haha, I was listening to J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue, and that idea crossed my mind.

    Well, being constantly drowsy is me lol. So we're basically the same in terms of sleeping hours. I get up from bed at 12 noon and either sleep very late, or don't sleep at all. I misunderstood you there though haha. Yes that is a good thing. Although in my case, logic values more than my emotion.
    Wacom tab? One of my friends has that too! I tried it myself, and yeah, better than using a mouse indeed. That's technology for you.

    Shipping fics?! Ahmm.. *ehem*. I mean, I prefer shipping fics than anything else. That reminds me, I recently posted a one-shot on the shipping fic subforums. If you'd like to read it, here it is.

    Ah yes. Being drowsy (in my case, unmotivated) is one hindering factor. I'm sure you'll not be drowsy anymore once you see the rest of the world.
    It does make good use of logical points, but the downside of it is that you may come out of it unemotional, just like what happened to me.
    Actually, I still don't have time. But come on, I'm on vacation now hahaha. How are you, btw?

    I pretty bored myself all the time haha. I haven't found a fic worthy of my attention yet other than the one you suggested.

    They actually call me the one-man army because of that haha.

    Curiosity is the fitting word here. Well yeah you can put it as philosophical, but I think about things logically. Take for example, you help your friend with his/her situation. Instead of saying the general idea about how he/she must cope with it (which in fact helps in no way), you analyze the situation, use you own experience if necessary, consider the smallest of things, then there you can devise you own understanding.
    Hi there. Sorry for not replying to you in time. I had little to no time on being active here in this forum.

    Haven't been reading the fic since chappy 3. And I still haven't been working on my fic. Ah well, but luckily now that I'm in vacation (but technically I'm not), I might start drafting the next chapter.

    Well obviously, we have our own methods to do things better. Take mine for example; isolation. But don't take it the wrong way, I'm not an introvert haha. The reason why I did not want friends in college is that they have the tendency to depend their grades solely on smart people. They would resent on cheating, even go to lengths like paying you to do their homework. But to put it simply, when you're in college, people like this are just hinderance to you.

    I'm sure you'll find your own way to learn better. But judging on what you said, I think we're just the same. You like to learn by yourself, and formulate your own theories as to why this and why that. I assume you have looked for answers behind the meaning of life.
    Hey, sure, feel free! I gotta mention in advance that he probably won't be all that nice even when helped, but Solaris doesn't look like she'll be deterred by that anyway so |Db Go for it. I guess the nurse could help with some medical aid as well, just get the leg wrapped up and he's good to go, crutches optional. As for Bál, she's currently being held up by Sigur from her back-fin thing, still flailing but tired enough that she can't free herself, unless someone wants the opportunity to fight her.
    Been doing alright actually. You probably noticed I picked the Shadow Necrosis fic back up. Chapter 13 is in progress, but I'm in the middle of playing Bravely Second, it's a JRPG if that tells you anything on how long it is.
    Yeah. While inhibited, the prisoners don't have any sort of power, no enhanced strength, speed, anything. It would be like a human trying to dent a prison wall. Pretty impossible.
    I'm a little confused by your recent Unholy Crusade post.

    Shula and Frost de-fuse. Then she has him digivolve...but into ExVeemon? Isn't his champion form DarkTyrannomon?
    So Hades exists in this universe. There are tons of gods in the UCverse, so the Olympus 12 don't exist as they do in usual Digimon lore: they don't rule over the entire Digital World. They basically rule over the island subcontinent of Olympia (as seen on the map in the signup thread). Olympus is a godly kingdom like Asgard is. Hades is a death god, but doesn't actually deal with the Dark Area - that's a very different thing here. He more rules over rituals and veneration of the dead. Death gods are more "priests" or "shamans" than the canon description of Anubismon or Plutomon.
    Yep, and it's all thanks to D.C. Douglas. That man practically stole the show in Resident Evil 5 with his performance as Wesker, and the over the top nature of his line delivery in that game made the character very quotable.
    That actually is the inspiration behind it, yes. Wesker is one of my favorite video game villains, and one of my favorite characters to do an impression of.

    How do you happen to know him, did you play Resident Evil or do you know him from Marvel vs Capcom 3?
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