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    No, but I want to know more about it!
    Everthing you want to know or tell
    Gurenn Lagann'e fun, totally check it out. And yeah, WAAPT's my main place other thsn here I frequent.

    lol that's fine take your time
    I noticed, but thanks for notifying me. ^^

    Sadly I don't get the references to whomever she is supposed to be like. xD *lives under a rock*

    I feel like Lorena is going to make me do a lot of research in order to do the myth knowledge at least semi-decently.
    you stood on a page of vistitors, so I tought... that you can become a good friend
    Good to hear you're enjoying it. Also glad to hear you found some RPs in the same neighborhood as my main hangout that fit you better than said hangout.
    Hi, because you look very nice!!! That is the only reason!:)
    Yeah, I'm alive. Just haven't been here in a while. Haven't been as into Pokemon lately as I used to be. Been mostly doing furry stuff. But I've been good. Drawing, playing guitar, playing video games, and so on. You?
    No prob. I don't remember if Chitoge cooked one time in the manga though, I've read it nonstop during summer and it just moved my sleeping hours further xD. When Chitoge first kneed Raku on the face I already knew that he's gonna end up with her, but it's still really hard to predict who among the two Raku will choose, considering how the latest chapters were very well written. I don't know, the third season's just my wishful thinking lol
    Actually, I feel like she'll get quite a lot of sources for that power. Most of these guys either have dead parents, really bad family issues, and stuff like that.
    Well, she has no reason to hate him (he's got a fractured family, nothing really to be jealous about, a nice enough person, etc.), and she has no real reason to particularly like him, so I guess she'll be pretty indifferent about him until he does something to change her opinion. She will, however, probably get much stronger around him due to his self-doubt and anger issues.
    You should! The manga's about to end in a few chapters. Here's where I read them, they update the manga every Thursday according to my colleague. Onodera is so pure like my ideal girl, that's why I'm on her side xD. Still waiting for the next season of the anime though.
    Yeah, I'm distracted with other stuff to. But I still want to make a post in it, since GH did.

    Planning for Kalos Chronicles was easy. I just follow the games, and change stuff around as necessary. That's the extent of my planning. You need a lot of notes because you're doing an original RP, and have a huge cast to work with.
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