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  • I'm a little confused by your recent Unholy Crusade post.

    Shula and Frost de-fuse. Then she has him digivolve...but into ExVeemon? Isn't his champion form DarkTyrannomon?
    So Hades exists in this universe. There are tons of gods in the UCverse, so the Olympus 12 don't exist as they do in usual Digimon lore: they don't rule over the entire Digital World. They basically rule over the island subcontinent of Olympia (as seen on the map in the signup thread). Olympus is a godly kingdom like Asgard is. Hades is a death god, but doesn't actually deal with the Dark Area - that's a very different thing here. He more rules over rituals and veneration of the dead. Death gods are more "priests" or "shamans" than the canon description of Anubismon or Plutomon.
    Yep, and it's all thanks to D.C. Douglas. That man practically stole the show in Resident Evil 5 with his performance as Wesker, and the over the top nature of his line delivery in that game made the character very quotable.
    That actually is the inspiration behind it, yes. Wesker is one of my favorite video game villains, and one of my favorite characters to do an impression of.

    How do you happen to know him, did you play Resident Evil or do you know him from Marvel vs Capcom 3?
    Regarding "Civil War", I'm guessing.

    Yeah, pretty much. At this point it's basically a "crap-we-weren't-prepared-for-this-let's-do-something-before-they-die" moment. As for a guard character: it'd take a lot for someone to just up and join the Realmless like that...or for the realmless to accept someone right off the bat.
    I took a medical leave... I came back recently, and then suddenly a lot of people I kept tabs on stopped visiting ASB in my absence. You were one of them.
    I remember when you were around. It's always sad to see people go. I know it happens, but still saddening. You could stick around as a community member. Lots of things have changed, we even have a new TL system. Remember, all members are valued!
    You never replied lol. Any particular reason for your departure? We surely miss your presence.
    No problem, I just wanted to further the convo before the scene got too far behind other events.
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