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  • I just love how they think Eris doesn't have others to release her sadistic urges on and that she can't be sensual. XD
    basically, yeah. Axis Mundi is filled with bars and pubs and taverns; gods love that sort of stuff. And with the Council taking care of travel, the characters don't really have much to worry about.
    One quick nitpick: Svarog is a relatively unknown figure in Saga. The godly realm he was from declined centuries ago and he spent his life traveling and fighting rather than building a public presence. Also Thor is FAR from the only Imperialdramon. And your character isn't the only human present.

    That last part is on me. I didn't make that clear.
    Nothing really. I'm almost finished with the SU for my Sonne character (I feel like she and Ordin will be good friends). Just got home from band practice, and now I have the 4th movement from Persichetti's Divertimento stuck in my head (which I really don't mind-its an awesome piece- you should look it up). I have 2 major projects due at the end of the week and I barely just started one of them-joy.
    Eris: Well, it's just something I'd like. You don't have to be involved. Just Medea~

    (No clue. That might be something worth asking him.)
    Eris: Thoight you couldn't take my request is all. Thought it might be too intense for you~
    Oh yeah, I knew that, sorry. But I call everyone guy, tbh. Dude, bro, whatever. Female pronouns don't sound as cool.
    Eris: Sorry if that got graphic, I know you're kind of fragile~

    (Don't take Eris's words to heart. She's... special, to say the least. XD)
    Eris: Hey, I consider myself reasonable. Just perform on the battlefield, do what I say, and I'll make sure it's worth your while! Sex is fun! Killing it fun! Killing while having sex is fun! But if that's too extreme for you, I can be nice and romantic. Just make sure you fight well, or I WILL bring out the fun stuff, got it~? I have to admit though, if you don't mind, I'd love those claws of hers sinking into my flesh as we make love~ *shivers with glee at the thought*
    (finally got some time to explain further)

    Let's use Shula and Frost for this example. Currently Frost is a little on the old side for a Digimon partner, but that's fine. During their various adventures that little BlackAgumon learns to Digivolve into DarkTyrannomon. Based then on Shula's influence and the needs of a specific task, Shula could push his evolution in different directions. BlackAgumon doesn't have many varying evolutions - they're mostly big dinosaur-like things: BlackGreymon, BlackGrowlmon, DarkTyrannomon) but maybe their current task requires wings. Because of Shula's power, perhaps frost is able to evolve into ExVeemon (Black) - or some other winged Champion. At the Ultimate Level - MetalTyrannomon - maybe there's a task that requires a different set of armaments/equipment/abilities than what MetalTyrannomon is able to bring to the table. So Shula is able to push Frost into a slide evolution - maybe something like BlackWarGrowlmon, Gigadramon, MasterTyrannomon. The only thing unaffected by this power is their mega form, a result of Biomerge Evolution which requires the Tamer's full power.

    For Shula and Frost it's pretty limited. Like I said, BlackAgumon isn't that diverse.

    But let's say the partner Digimon was something like...Gatomon. In addition to varying slide evolutions to...D'Arcmon (or whatever), it could also Armor Evolve - so long as "Shula" had the accompanying Digimental - to forms that would suit specific purposes and needs (underwater, flying, close combat, etc).
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