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Recent content by TheCrazyMaster

  1. TheCrazyMaster

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

    I honestly don't see the point of giving Ash a 6th mon at this point (even though it'll probably happen). For one thing, 6v6's don't really seam like they're a thing in the World Championships. Secondly, while I initially agreed with everybody else regarding Riolu eventually taking a step back...
  2. TheCrazyMaster

    Sword & Shield IV: Ultimate Sword & Shield (1134)

    Welp, now that I've officially watched the entire arc I may as well give my review on it. I thought that the first episode was decent introduction to this arc, with Ash's Dynamax band began acting up being a good excuse to do some research and Go to Galar. I liked how Ash and Go's initial...
  3. TheCrazyMaster

    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Um okay, I guess were doing battles between franchises now. This could be fun. How about two rounds of Ash Greninja vs Midoriya? Round 1: At the latters current limit in the manga Round 2: Current limit in the anime
  4. TheCrazyMaster

    Pokemon battles that you wish happened

    Charizard vs Reshiram Alain vs Zinnia
  5. TheCrazyMaster

    If Ash was a Type Expert, which would he be best with?

    Fire without hesitation.
  6. TheCrazyMaster

    Funny quotes

    You know, there was this one time Max roasted Brock regarding his lovelife and Brock began beating a tree saying something like "why are children so cruel?!" but I can't remember for the life of me what Max told him. All I remember was that it was hilarious.
  7. TheCrazyMaster

    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Me: Takes a one month break from the serebii forums. "Why are we talking about Voldemort?"
  8. TheCrazyMaster

    Funny quotes

    May: Jirachi get rid of the problem! Jirachi: Get rid... of problem? Okay! *poof*
  9. TheCrazyMaster

    Who in the Pokémon universe could you be friends with?

    I'd have fun adventures with Ash and Dawn and roast people with Max XD
  10. TheCrazyMaster

    What was the biggest "wtf" moments in the anime for you?

    Not sure if this counts, but since it's a song for the anime, I may as well say it. My biggest wtf is the official music video for the second version of 1*2*3. I don't know if I can enjoy this song ever again....
  11. TheCrazyMaster

    Favourite Anime Songs and Background Music

    Before today: I really like after the rain Today: NEEEEEVERMIND.....
  12. TheCrazyMaster

    Ash VS Bea! Overcome Octolock! (1128)

    This was a very solid episode. I really liked the fact that it took a little while for Chuck to recognize Ash, considering that as a gym leader he's probably faced many opponents since then. I also liked that we not only got a flashback of their battle, but that we also got to see BBB (Best Bae...
  13. TheCrazyMaster

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime

    Welp, may as well contribute to my own thread. *Max was funny as hell. *I actually thought that the conflict in the Ash vs Morrison battle was an interesting concept. *While the first four generations of the anime had the smoothest transitions, Ash's maturity did not transition very well...
  14. TheCrazyMaster

    If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

    If he caught a Manetric instead of Luxio then I would've loved for the power plant episode to be where he succeeds in Mega Evolving it to snap it out of the mind control.