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  • Oh, shoot, I didn't realize you were online. xD I sent that off just before going to bed. Ah well. I'll go input your FC and hopefully we'll catch each other sometime tonight. And yes, Modest is just fine. :) My FC is in my sig, and in Pokemon Y I'm Zozo
    Surprise me man! I'll give you a female HA bagon. Here's my FC I'll add you just gimme a trade invite ill be ready! 2750-1208-7079
    I have dittos so I don't much care about nature or IVs. I just want to be able to breed them easily. I'll give you my shiny venomoth for both of them.
    Just thought I'd let you know that I've obtained your Pokemon, so just let me know whenever you're ready to trade! ^^
    I can do Joltik with it's HA (Will have to breed) but not in the Luxury Ball. It'll be in a standard Poke Ball though if you still want it. It is best if you read the opening post again and also I just made a post in my trade shop in response to your post.
    I'm not able to obtain an Ivysaur with it's HA caught in a luxury ball. I can breed you a Bulbasaur with it's HA but since it's parent is a male, it'll be come in a Poke Ball. So if that's not what you want, what else are you wanting?
    Right, that sounds good. ^^ You don't have to send the fossils with the Pokemon if you don't want to, but if you do I'll certainly put them to good use!

    Well then, I'll start hunting those Pokes down now.
    All right then, how about these 8 Pokemon: Staryu (female in a Dive or Heal Ball if possible), Lileep, Anorith (or their respective fossils), Pinsir (female in a Dusk Ball, if possible), any of the Aron family (female in Luxury ball, if possible. The higher evolved, the better.), Mightyena, Clauncher, and Slurpuff (if it can be a male nicknamed Quina, and in a heal ball that'd be awesome. Quiet or any other nature that boosts Special Attack would be greatly appreciated, if you are able to do so. I'm happy to provide a whipped dream to evolve it, if necessary.), + a tradeback for the Xerneas dex entry
    the 9 Pokemon you asked for (Vivillion, Noibat, Dedenne, Pancham, Spritzee, Swirlix, Phantump, Barbaracle, and Ivysaur) in Luxury balls with their hidden abilities. I can get females (since I'm guessing you'd like to be able to pass that luxury ball down if you breed them) on all but the Ivysaur. If you want nicknames on any of them, just let me know. Does that sound fair?

    And no worries about taking your time, it'll take me some time to get those guys together. ^^
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