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  • A Light Ball for a Dome/Helix Fossil or a Friend Safari Pokémon is fine with me and if you want, I can trade you a Friend Safari Pokémon (Might be the pre-evolution though) holding one of the two fossils for that Light Ball, sound good? If so, what Pokémon do you want or if not, what do you want for the Light Ball?
    Well, shiny banners aren't as colorful as the regular banner. Usually there are only 2 colors in the shiny banners, usually black and a color that matches the render/picture. There isn't much done to the background as well.

    On the other hand, regular banners are similar to shiny banners, but they're more colorful and I use a lot of effects on them. Hope that clears things up a bit. ^^
    ahah is ok 8'D
    Actually, it is not a font, it's hand written using pixels. The white is only one pixel large and the black outline is also one pixel large. You just need to zoom in a lot and write it pixel by pixel |D it is pretty easy =)
    all of them legit just mew it is not is trade all the dragon pokemon radom encounter eevees are eggs all the starter were eggs all the leagens are soft reset
    Well, forgrt the DW fusions, when I could do something like this!

    *Sees VM underneath, ignores it despite curiosity*
    Yeah.... i was wondering about that too
    Question: Where do you get the dream world pics? I tried bulbapedia, but i really don't have time to download al 654 files individually.
    There are all of the Incense pokemon, a few Pokemon whose evo's are obtainable in game but not them, Shiny Zorua, and Phione. There may be more I can't remember.
    Thanks a bunch that helps and makes people look at it more. Cause some people are too lazy to click on the links for the pics(I am sometimes) so thanks for the help.
    There is a list of them in my trade shop, theres a link in the signature. The main ones are the Pokesmash Cubchoo, Nagashima Spa Land Axew and the 3 mystery eggs.
    Yeah........ Sorry. I've been meaning to do those orders, but I just got RPG Maker XP, so I've been busy trying to figure out how to work it.
    my shiny pokemon are flygon mew salacmance garchomp denio dratini dragonite tarantar pikachue tepig osuwatt snivyl tentecool metang mewtwo darkrai haxsuars finnon nuta celebi blazeiken swampert septile blastoris charzard venasuar rayquazza dexoys higygon eevee jolteon embron espeon vaproeon flareon leafon glaceon alakazam that all of have
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