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    Abra SR? How does that work?
    In LG/FR you can easily SR for Abra through the Gamecorner. First, you have to get 9999 coins. You don't NEED that many, it just makes it faster. Than buy all the Abras you can (you can buy 83 in LG, In FR you can buy only 55.) Then you just check them, if none are shiny you SR.
    Hi there!

    For your egg question, you need to get lots of eggs. Whether or not it's a shiny is determined when you first take the egg from the Daycare Man, so you'd have to save in front of him and keep taking the egg. That takes too much time, though - it's easier to just get thousands of eggs, hatch all of them, and release all the non-shiny Pokemon.

    Good luck!
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