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    Banned because I don't know what you're talking about.
    Banned for living under a rock to not hear about it. It was all over on FB.
    Late thank you,but still,thank you!

    There's a sentence where you can have all the letters in the alphabet without any repeating.
    Yeah. I saw one change for Hoshido: Rinka-Rinkah. Leon is known as Leo.

    Which reminds me that this game is making it so hard to chose a damn husband. On my list I have Leo, Joker, Sazuke, The Inigo look-alike I can't remember the name of and the Fox Spirit.
    I can't get into the guns, and chargers feel too slow.

    I read some changes on a thread on Serenes. Can't remember any more.
    I'm level 9 with the inkbrush. So amazing! The choices for Ink colours is really nice. Nintendo did a good job.

    And omg. Marx's name in the English versions of Fire Emblem Fates is Xander.
    I'll just have quotes instead:

    "You can't make a rainbow without Reyn!"
    "Dunban, I think you have to talk to Reyn."
    "No, let's pretend it didn't happen."
    Banned for having a laughing robot avatar.
    He is actually dying. Quite appealing, don't you think?
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