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  • hey emerald just letting you know please check out the league for new rules and artwork for the tef league. I have did a whole new remodel which if you like to still be our rock gym please post to keep your spot please and thanks or you will vacate your spot.
    Hi Emerald, how are you? Think I could challenge your TEF gym tomorrow around the time I posted this, or during weekend? Thanks!
    Hey Emerald,

    I don't think we made a rule concerning that situation. But we do for the inverse where megas must mega evolve right away to be the correct type for the gym. So, I think you'd need a third rock pokemon along with Aggron.
    Hi Emerald, saw your post in TEF thread. If you still need a defog Scyther, I can breed you one later today? No IVs tho I didn't get to IV breeding it yet.
    Hey Emerald,

    I saw you're open today. Lemme know if you're up for just a regular match between gym leaders o/
    thanks for letting me know just make sure to keep active for the league if you become hard to open or anything just let me know I want to make sure our league is active.
    hey emerald not sure whats going on but its been awhile since you have been active in the tef league which I did make a few posts about contacting me keeping positions, so making sure you are still able to be a leader as well as active for the league I need a response by tomorrow.
    If you have time today, I would like to do that battle. Just PM/VM again and I will get ready & online.
    hi there, if you are up for TEF gym battle and have time on Saturday, may I challenge you? Thanks.
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