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  • In the meanwhile, here's yet another religiously-based denial of climate science. You and I are interested primarily in their #1 under "What we believe" and their #s 1-4 under "What we deny". I guess this stuff really is out there if you know what you're looking for (which I must not have). o_o

    No problem! I felt they were ganging up on that guy so it was nice of you to share your point there. That;s a lot of debates to start haha.
    Hello, nice to meet you and thanks for accepting my FR.

    Your posts in the GCT today were very good and agreeable with me.
    You have to account for the worst possible situation for yourself. Remember this rule:

    "7) Assume your opponent can predict perfectly. You will always switch in on the worst move possible."

    Which basically means it'll always be the worst case scenario. So in the case of Keldeo switching into Gyarados, consider the possibility of Gyarados not mega evolving since that'd be sub-optimal vs. Keldeo.
    That's correct. It means that 1) Pokemon switch in with their base forms, not their mega evolutions, and 2) turn order (based on speed) is determined with the base form on the mega evolution turn, just like it would be in an actual battle. It may seem obvious but at the start of the thread in Gen 6, a lot of people just assumed "I switch in Mega Venusaur" or something of the like.
    That's exciting. I hope you get it, TFP. ^_^

    Thanks for explaining the widely-cast net, too. Though, if I understand correctly, does your explanation suggest I am even more conservative than you are about sexualized children's media? I don't imagine that you'd be able to come up with examples of some ways that having a ten year-old presented as sexy is emotionally or socially healthy for other children. Unless your Charlie Brown scene is such an example, in which case, isn't Sally even younger than ten? I'm not exactly comfortable with elementary-aged children wearing bikinis (or Speedos, as a boy equivalent, I guess) - let alone using them to attract romantic interest.

    Re. tags, that would be a shame, either way. New atheists get criticized (by other atheists, most frequently) for not being like Nietzsche in understanding the true depth of theological arguments (a criticism I tend to find weak and occasionally spurious); it would be an insult to that injury if the atheists at Patheos were additionally unlike Nietzsche in possessing certain useful philological skills. Then again, everyone can't just be stupendous philosophers all the time. ^_^;

    Edit: I went looking for what you described, but am having trouble. Where did you find a library of tags to choose "textual criticism" from?

    Really? Am I the friend and Patheos the gang? =P
    I agree with everything you say about Hagee's brand of theological argument. Yet he appears (at least to the secular crowd, whose attentions admittedly may be differently focused) to be an unremarkable standard of religious talking head in the political media. Ahaha, I think you and I should have our own tv show platform to engage in public discussion, a la "point-counterpoint." XD

    Agreed on the freedom point, too. Perhaps I am uncommon in these kinds of discussions in that I don't place the highest moral priority on individual freedom; I think there are moral goods that precede and outweigh freedom. It's a position that can be opposed by both the political right and left, the religious and the anti-religious, and the feminist and the anti-feminist, depending on context. Lucky for me that I like to argue, eh? =P (If you have the time, can you explain my widely-cast net? I can remember just one later post in that thread, and it was the response to the girl who said I had no place to comment on what women wear.)

    I don't know who does the tags on Patheos, sorry. I would imagine the authors of each post assign the tags to their posts, and the primary author of each blog sets the library of tags usable. But that's just my best guess.
    Hah, that's an insightful thing to suggest watchers of the debate keep an eye out for, TFP. Incidentally, I didn't watch the debate either, or at least not all of it. I suspect we had similar reasons not to be too interested; namely, the debate's content and results seemed predictable, and it's stuff we've both heard many times already. And there's no need to rush into any links I provide. The Youtube thing is fine, I didn't require an explanation for your not watching it. =)

    As far as the Youtube guy's argument: In Matthew, Jesus says that, when people begin to see "strange weather patterns" (quoting Hagee, there), the explanation is that "end times" are upon us. Hagee compounds this explanation with elsewhere in the Bible where it says something like 'let God's word be true and all men be liars' to complete his argument that climate change science is wrong. Briefly, the science is wrong because the climate changes we're seeing are supposed to happen, according to the Bible (with the implicit corollary that right now must be the "end times" in order to cause the strange weather).

    I'm glad I would get along with your parents, haha. As far as sharing the value of modesty with conservative Christians is concerned, I probably have slightly different reasons. But I am well known around here for being rather conservative in my views on sex and media. May I ask what about my post so surprised you?

    And sure, PM away. I look forward to the fun things, and I'll see what I can do about the favor things. =P
    eviolite isn't my highest priority right now since i have like 3 and theres not many poke that are good unevolved
    so i dont think i'm interested in it right now, sorry
    The thematic crescendo of the debate was the participants' replies to an audience question, "What could make you change your stance?" Bill Nye said evidence could; Ken Ham said nothing could. Ham's answer strikes me as poignant/sad, because regardless of whether any gods actually exist or not, learning about the many amazing features of the world we find ourselves in is one of, if not the greatest of, the gifts of life. Seeking out answers we do not know is, in my opinion, a primary point of being a rational creature. Determining an unchanging answer first, and then ignoring any questions or other answers that compete with it, seems like such a waste of an opportunity. What makes Ham's view even sadder, to me, is that when it comes to something like evolution, he does not have to choose between it and God. At worst, the science means a little more of Scripture is best viewed as allegory than historical fact. Not having ties to faith myself, I can't understand why that is an untenable breach of principle rather than a palatable compromise. Ah well.

    I wanted to link you to this. Recalling an earlier conversation we had about some ambiguities you read in my position on abortion/personhood, I thought you might find this essay an interesting read. I never have a good means of including it in debate, but I harbor some recognition for certain kinds of arguments about potentiality (I often think in terms of our moral responsibility to future generations, by taking care of ourselves and our environment now). The author here provides a contents list, so to see what I mean you can click on down to the section on "What Rights Do Potential and Future People Have?"

    Stay well, FightingPikachu~ ^_^
    Hey TheFightingPikachu! I'm working on your request in my shop and I just wanted you to know that I can't teach Snatch to Fletchling because it's a Move Tutor-only move. Let me know if you're still interested. Thanks!
    Here is another religiously-based denial of climate stuff. The guy is fairly prominent, apparently. Maybe it really is more of a thing than we thought. =P

    Anyway, I didn't expect a reply to Ham's quote. I just thought it might make you chuckle. Whereas I (and I think you would agree) harbor some respect for rational secular-theological dispute, Ken Ham's brand of reasoning is usually anything but. I don't take him as a representative of the best of religion, and wouldn't expect you to take an amusing observation of mine about Ham as a call to debate. I apologize if my comment was offensive. =x

    Also, I hope you're doing better after the cold!
    It's such a random thing to be a fan of having the Pokeballs match the Pokemon yet Game Freak knew exactly what they were doing - they knew people would love it, me being one of them! Thanks again!
    Whoops! Well yes that is still fine. I think it's pretty generous but I appreciated you've put a lot of hard work in which evens it out most definitely. I'm online now so let me know when you can trade. :)
    Hello. Just a note, I've just gotten a few of the Bank Ball Pokemon I needed yet the Swablu, Makuhita and the other you mentioned in your message I don't have still so I just wanted to update you in case you were working on any others too! :)
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