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  • The reason BCVM22 noted my statement is because it's the most common argument, and one that has no real fault.

    As for multiplayer, I generally split hackers into three groups; legit hackers (a bit of an oxymoron yes, but still), n00b hackers, and data hackers.

    n00b hackers are the ones who hack 999 on all stats, shiny, illegal moves, etc. Note they don't have to do all of this to classify as one, and that being a n00b hacker isn't specifically bad... unless you do it in multiplayer against someone who doesn't know you are hacking.

    Legit hackers follow the strict guidelines the games provide when making their pokemon. Due to this, they are indistiguishable from normal players unless they outright say it or they stretch the limits (31 IVs on everything for example). They also are the people who hack normal things like all TMs, max money, ect.

    Data hackers on the other hand are the people who hack into the game to discover secrets, such as EVs, IVs, and other things like that. Nobody has a problem with these guys. Some people don't even consider them hackers.

    Since data hackers are usually left out of conversations like these, and since legit hackers are impossible to find normally, most people associate hackers with n00b hackers. And that's where a lot of the problems hackers undergo come from.

    Anyway, as a final point, I'd like to address the ridiculous statement made by many people: that legit hacking for EV and IV trained pokemon isn't right because the player didn't work for it. Excluding the fact that since the only reason you're training your pokemon like such is for battling, and the fact that people arguing this are essentially quoting the rival from R/G/B/Y ("Gramps! Why does he get his pokemon first?"), the only difference between legit hacks and normal pokemon is the time spent on it. And really, if you're angry at people not having to spend hours on training a team of 6 pokemon, you should be more angry at Smogon.

    RNG manipulation (though it really isn't random, but it's better then Golden Sun's) falls under the same classification as cloning; it can be done in-game with no threat to your save file, and it saves time.

    My answer to whether or not it should be done is what I always answer for hacking debates, or any debates concerning what people claim to be hacking:

    Should you really care what other people do with their own game?
    I would liken it to using button codes in old 16-bit titles, then: you're using internal elements to exploit the game and twist it to your satisfaction. If you're doing it to give yourself at-will access to stuff that's supposed to be random and difficult to obtain, that's pretty cut and dry, isn't it?
    Is RNG manipulation done completely in-game, without the aid of any sort of external cheating device?
    I was speaking hypothetically about that Halloween costume. Sometimes you get depressed about things you didn't do.

    As BCVM22 pointed out, that wouldn't have been a very familiar Halloween costume even in 2005, although I do have a lot of Pokémon-lover acquaintances (outside of school, of course) who might have recognized it.

    I'm just waiting for an even cooler character to come along... so fingers crossed for a Wii RPG in Gen V.
    Woof. No thanks. I stay away from the hacking debates, largely because the second you point out that cheating is cheating no matter how you want to spin it, you get smacked with a hundred responses of "no it's not it's our games you can't tell us what to do we shouldn't have to work that hard at a video game it's our right."

    BlitzBlast likes debates like this; try him.
    Well, I think it would work better on Wednesday for me, since I'm probably going to busy today. So lets try getting the battle done then =)
    Hi, we tried battling and it DC'ed when I had a pretty nice setup, I know it wasn't you because the match was lagging the whole time. I suggest we battle at a different time (could be today) and try again =)
    I should be the one that is apologizing, I have been somewhat busy and with my recent change and new team I will be ready for a battle at 3:30 PM EST
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