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  • By the way, seeing that gen 4 wi-fi is closing soon, would you be up for a HGSS battle? For old times' sake and all that sort of thing. :p
    No, you can't expect me not to think that. I eagerly await your explanation. And heh, you're almost certainly a better chess player than I am. =P

    I don't think I mentioned metaphysics in that discussion, no. And I don't think I have toyed with any changes. The only time I mentioned epistemology specifically was to identify that as the field emawerna and I were arguing, and then to ask if he/she was satisfied with the conclusions we (kinda sorta) settled on. Perhaps I need to clarify, though - I never thought epistemology was impossible to do/understand, just that much of it was very difficult. I think it's very possible, which is one small reason I hold it as more important than metaphysics (to reference the conversation where, I believe, I inadvertently gave you the impression I thought epistemology impossible to understand).

    Bon appetite, I guess, until next time!
    Yeah sure, Standard sounds good. Finished training a team yet? :) If you have a team of lower-tiered Pokemon, I'm sure I could rig up something to match them as well.
    Maybe it's just the result of being limited to text, but what you're talking about still sounds a tiny tad on the dramatic side, TFP. Either way, I'm very interested in hearing more of your thoughts about these problems/solutions. I can't say I study theology (especially compared to you - I'd be flirting with exaggeration to say I read it as a hobby, heh), but I do like to think I study the practice of science, so it seems like a conversation you and I could get a lot of fun thinking out of.

    And because I'm curious, what slight yet substantive change in my worldview did you read from the Tangent thread?
    Ahaha, dog-sitting is a fine stand-in for Pokemon training, I guess - so long as you're not doing any Michael Vick things with the dog(s). ^_^;

    I'm curious about your claim to understand the fundamental problems of both Christianity and the whole of science as a method. That's an extraordinary claim for someone in (I'm guessing) his twenties to make. You'd have to be the next Newton, methinks. (The chesspiece was a white knight, as a tongue in cheek rebuff to some criticisms I received from a couple of misc regulars. But chess analogies are always interesting!)

    As far as the Tangent thread thing, I'm not sure. I'll go re-read the dialogue to refresh my memory, in case you want to talk about it more specifically. =)
    That would be really nice of you! The things on my Want list are mostly for my personal use, though, so I probably wouldn't redistribute them, depending on what they are. My guidelines for evolution items is they're generally worth me breeding something, or worth a Mega Stone that isn't game exclusive, but usually not worth a legend, event, shiny, or game-exclusive Mega Stone.
    Wow, I just seem to disappear, don't I? :p My story's the same as yours for gen 5 - didn't battle all that much, but XY's been a total turnaround! I've really loved breeding and battling and everything. So what I'm trying to say is - we gotta find out if those battle-ready Pokemon of yours can face mine. :D
    Definitely. Of course Maeder is ignoring it. I don't know why I bother. He's deadset on his "guns are evil" belief.
    There's really not much to discuss about Kalos. So it makes sense if the thread is inactive.
    Thanks. I've read it, and I actually agree with your guess that it's the Shalour Sables.
    Thanks for accepting it ^_^
    I do enjoy discussing these things, and its a given that people will disagree, but that doesn't mean that you should treat the person who disagrees with you as any lesser of a person. And unfortunately, that happens a lot in the debate section, so I just pop in when the opportunity is right XD
    Yeah, I noticed a lot of your posts in the debate section (And few other places too) often were very similar to my own opinions of things. And I find it much more comfortable to discuss topics that you disagree on when you know that you agree in other areas.
    There's no need to apologize, FightingPikachu. If you've felt guilty for not keeping up with the conversation, know that I haven't felt any ire towards you for it. And I wouldn't want you beating yourself up over something so silly. You're a fine friend - and one I value highly. A forum is a place where you can drop in at whim and pick up any threads of discussion you feel like. I'm not going to hold it against anyone for doing so at their own pace (I certainly do it, aha). To wit, I've read your PM, but don't yet have the attention to spare to compose a suitable reply. So go enjoy the lingering effects of the holidays, and we will catch up in due time. ^_^
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