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  • As far as playing online goes MK8 will be the only one I'll have pretty much when it get's released.
    I'm still thinking about buying Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate pretty much so that I can play online. That's basically an impulse buy which I'm not entirely comfortable with doing right now. Maybe next month I'll get it when it's my birthday. Even though I haven't really gotten close to finishing MH3U on the 3DS because there's no online support unless you have the Wii U version to hook up with I kind of stopped playing it. I'll go a head and transfer the data to the Wii U game and continue from there if I do buy it.
    I wish Nintendo Land had online gaming as well that would be great. The other game I'm for sure getting that can be played online is Super Smash Bros. Wii U. I'll also pick up the Pro Controller at some point see how well I play SSB and even MH3U if I decide to buy it. It would probably take some getting use to with having the thumb sticks up top but I guess I'm getting use to the gamepad which is the game just wider.
    Oh, don't worry about it, bro-- thanks for VM'ing me. :)

    I guess so, but I kinda want to see something new for a change-- if not replacing Ash, then a new kind of Origins-esque Spinoff Pokemon Anime. I really, really liked that, and chances are I'd probably be able to get back into Pokemon in Animated form if they did that again.

    That's true, bro: definitely true.
    Even still, I for one don't see the good in focusing on one thing obsessively. BW was a train-wreck for many reasons, not just one. I seriously doubt the writers will go that route again.
    Oh well, I wouldn't say he and others are trolling per say, it's clear there is a strong sentiment people have on that topic, but seriously, must it be the focus of everything so often.
    What I said isn't trolling at all. The entire issue people have with Serena isn't going anywhere, it can never go anywhere, it stops any discussion of anything else, and people will never be fully satisfied at this point. It isn't a productive discussion, and it's one thing to make a point, but this point has been made, several hundred times already.
    Just wondering, do you have access/time to do a quick tradeback for me to get a Politoed/Scizor?
    Lol, no, I understood and knew about it.. I just thought it was commonly known! And I never saw that ShopRite commercial! :p

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