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Last Activity:
Apr 8, 2019
Jun 29, 2011
Likes Received:
May 20, 1994 (Age: 26)
Pokemon Trainer

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Pokemon Semi-Master, 26, from Philadelphia,PA,USA

TheFonz was last seen:
Apr 8, 2019
    1. zima2190
      Added you, my code is 3969-5036-0551, I'm rock with rhydon pupitar and dwebble. Your inbox was full
    2. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      What drama? :C
      lol which version did you get? D: or do you mean the anime? Tell moi I am getting confused Dx XD
      Good <.> I am good. Trying to finish a paper while playing Y searching the Friend Safari .-.
    3. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      Sup Fonz ^_^ More like no time no talky >_>
      How are you? <.>
    4. Luc25
      Added you so go online to catch your third poke :D
    5. MistressD
      You are welcome! ^_^
    6. Zoruagible
      I'll add you tomorrow
    7. Zoruagible
      I know my type and what two of them are.
      What type are you?
    8. Inoshi
      Why thanks. I'll add u back right away ;)
    9. ShadowSaiyan
      Yeah indeed, no problem!
    10. Charli
      Thanks! I've added you back :)
    11. TopDecking Shinobi
    12. bobandbill
      Haha, thanks. I suppose I'm lucky!
    13. Alfred the Second
      Alfred the Second
      LOl when did you get that rep. Where did you post that? I didn't give any rep recently
    14. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Wow! Congratulations for capturing that Nidorino! Talk about nail-biting!

      I don't think I would have been able to cope ... but I'm really happy for you that it actually decided to be caught, despite the situation!
    15. Mudkipzroks
      Hi there how are you?
    16. fairytrainer
      Thank you!:) I barely read your message lol.
    17. Royal_Qeca
      Yap, exactly. It seems we share the same opinion about Best Wishes ahah. I hope XY saga is way better... I really do.
    18. Royal_Qeca
      Yeah, it's better to discuss it here since we were going off topic anyway.

      Emolga was indeed a strange case, not to say what happened to Axew and his Outrage (that was never used again... just like his Giga Impact). I though you mentioned the Club Battle being reasonable to complain as if you were saying that there was no way her Excadrill could ever defeat Pikachu but apparently you were talking about the Club Battle as a whole. And there... I do agree. If only the writers had developed Iris in a different way... She had the potential as a character (well this is how I feel about the saga as a whole... they could have done so much better but that's not the point here) but even her rivalry disappeared magically and it doesn't seem we will ever see it again in Best Wishes. Oh well, I'm glad you explained.
    19. Chayra
      I have a text file with pending trades, and you're still on it, and I always check what I have and what's on the list before making any other deals ;p don't worry ^^
    20. Chayra
      Really sorry, I'm from Europe and it's not easy finding a cloner that can get on when it suits me aswell, it'll be easy during the weekend though so I'm sure we'll be able to trade sunday if that's alright with you?
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    May 20, 1994 (Age: 26)
    Pokemon Trainer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Cartoons, videogames, drawing, and of course Pokemon!


    ;006; ;254; ;131; ;025; ;472; ;143;

    3DS FC: 4382-2456-8353

    Nintendo Network ID: TheFonzPart

    Platinum FC: 2924 5508 7388

    HeartGold FC: 5372 2982 5997

    White 1 FC: 3396 3135 0386