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  • I probably should have put it in a word document or something.

    I cringe whenever I see posts of that nature, but hey people get desperate when their hippie views gets put under scrutiny.
    Pretty much haha.

    It's annoying really but there's nothing i can do, some people insist on causing arguments instead of having a simple discussion.
    I know, right? We can all have opinions about characters and series. Personally I really dislike BW and Iris, so sue me :p
    Same here: I liked his outfit in this movie, too.

    As for the dub....well, you know how I feel obviously LMAO.

    Opening does rock: "it's in my heart and in my soul...leading me to the ultimate goal" FTW.
    No problem, bro: I feel ya, man-- same here.

    I hope in a good way! ;)

    Your avatar rocks, BTW: I'm not gonna cry...I'm not gonna cry...sorry, I'm just thinking of M08 and Veronica Taylor.
    No problem lol.

    "And apparently I'm an Ash fanatic according to a certain user because I disliked BW and therefore I am always wrong because apparently Ash is a wore out character who is shoved down our throats as an unbeatable battle machine"

    ...Wait, how does that make you an Ash fanatic?

    I don't like Ash as much as I used to at all, far from it, but that user is saying crap that you are an Ash fanatic for that.
    Back when stuff Meowth said was actually funny in the dub...IKR? Every time he says "Dig it, jack" now I involuntarily cringe and just :smh: at him.
    Pretty much, bro: it really is.

    I liked Ash a lot more back then: none of that "Nathaniel reminds me o'me/I'm not a noob/I was just sayin hi-ya to the Kalos Region/Pikachu's just about to hit the wall!" crap from him back in the 4Kids dub.
    IKR? lol.

    Yeah, he used to actually be kinda funny with that stuff: I remember one time back in late Kanto there was this "Bad to the Bone" episode where the twerps had James and Meowth lay out their stuff, and James was talking about how that collection had "sentimental value" and Brock asked him why he had photos of himself, with James saying, "Well, you see, I like to look at myself in my spare time" and I just ROFLMAO at that. xD.
    Good, man, and yourself? :)

    I have NO idea: did they get rid of it in permanently in BW or something? I remember him bringing it up when he caught Carnvine in DP002, but I can't recall him bringing it up much after that aside from those tarot cards and stuff he used lol, so I'd say ignored for years now-- I miss that obsession with bottle caps James had lol. I liked that episode lol.
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