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  • Its 1-1 now! GG again man, I not having Mega Blastoise and Magneton helped a lot though lol.
    Sorry it took so long, had to reset my router. Also forgot to put an item on my Blissey lol.
    Yes I'd like to battle you. Are you available now? If so I'll send you my FC and IGN.
    Sure, I have room. FC: 2449-5027-2210 (Xantara). Let me know when would be a good time to catch you online.
    No worries - I've been quite busy as well with the end of semester, and I haven't even responded to your other VM. (That said, I think we're pretty much on the same page at this point. It's great if you want to advise a friend and tell them about your thoughts on the matter, but it's important to realize that while you may mean well, not everyone will want or feel comfortable listening to what you have to say, whether because they feel it's inappropriate or judgmental or what have you.)
    Religion and Science tell two completely different things but are actually able to work together despite popular belief. Science is how, the physical. Religion is the why, the beyond physical.
    At least someone on this site gets it.
    It sounds to me like you're saying that some people get involved in the personal lives of others with the hopes of helping them make what they believe are the right decisions. This is very similar to the attitude of religious folk who make it their business to proselytize, who often have good intentions and hope to save the souls of others. However, while they may mean well, proselytizing can be "considered inappropriate, disrespectful, and offensive by some individuals." This is for a number of reasons, such as simply varying opinions and views about religion and god. The same thing applies to sex. We're each allowed to have differing, unique views about it, such as the significance of it, when to have it and who to have it with. If one person believes that sex before marriage is a disgusting, sinful act, then they simply don't have to have sex before marriage. They may have the best of intentions when they try to make others believe the same thing, but that doesn't mean their actions will be well-received, never mind being effective.

    And fair enough, I just figured I'd ask since we cleared up the miscommunication. :>
    I'm not denying that social pressures exist, however that is a different topic and not what I was referring to. Your statement that "Nobody needs to know about a stranger's sex life" is the core of my point. For example, as strangers on the internet, your sex life is really none of my business and doesn't affect my life, nor society at large. If we were close friends, we might be more likely to chat about it, gossip, and even give each other advice. In that situation, we're absolutely more likely to share our personal experiences an opinions, and affect one another.

    Regarding the sex lives of teenagers, that's a whole other story. Teens will always do stupid things, and they'll gossip about it. The best thing we can do to reduce that is to educate them about how to make good decisions and be safe.

    Anyway, not sure if you want to edit your post at this point, but yeah.
    Yeah, it was 4am for me too, and while I had a lot I wanted to say I figured I'd best wait until I could gather my thoughts properly, haha. The only thing I felt you might have missed the mark on was my comment about "one person’s sex life 1) isn’t our business and 2) doesn’t affect us or society." I was referring to the average person - I think it goes without saying that anything that someone more in the public eye says or does has a greater effect than the actions of your average person. A celebrity's romantic or sex life especially applies.
    the fun part is that, when the role model does it, they are a **** who deserves no respect, but when regular women do it "respect them!11".
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