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Last Activity:
Jul 18, 2018 at 12:17 AM
Jul 9, 2013
Likes Received:
Dec 21, 2000 (Age: 17)

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Tactician's Gambit, Female, 17, from Flavortown

I make weird ass edits and sit like a hermit all day. Avid Taco Bell expert. Jul 4, 2018

TheGiftedFlareon was last seen:
Jul 18, 2018 at 12:17 AM
    1. TheGiftedFlareon
      I make weird ass edits and sit like a hermit all day. Avid Taco Bell expert.
    2. TheGiftedFlareon
    3. Minedreigon
      Long time no vm. Just thought I’d say hello. How’s stuff?
    4. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [did you get my last message?]
    5. FairyWitch
    6. Phsy-Spark
      good! i had that bit of inactivity because i was hyperfocused on writing a fic.

      i did not finish the first chapter
    7. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Yeah I do! How has it been?

      BTW, fix your Discord handle, then I can add you, haha. Discord says it's broken.
    8. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [I keep a list of shippings in my signature]

      [what videos do you like to watch on Youtube?]
    9. spyrois2cool
      Woof woof! Hello! ^^
    10. Ascended Dialga
      Ascended Dialga
      Hello again! How are you? :)
    11. LadyTriox
      You can tell me if you like other girls xD I wouldn't have an issue with it. I like Korrina, afterall (even if i didn't though i see no reason to have an issue with you).

      I'm guessing you're a girl by that post xD I didn't read your gender in your profile since that word scared me off...

      If you're almost 17, wow, you're really mature for your age o.o

      Please don't gossip about other people to me though. Even if you had a hard past, its best not to tell me about it. I'm highly sensitive about that kind of thing and i'm turned to believing its wrong to like girly things and stuff when i'm confused :( even if it does seem people other than me like cute things too....
    12. Nebbygetinthebag
      I'm doing good and you.
    13. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [judging by my username...]

      [what shippings do you support?]
    14. LadyTriox
      I think it costs a lot to get skates though. My family is pretty poor. But i think i get good practice for the real thing one day using my socks to skate around my bedroom^^ Which i must say is a lot of fun. Especially when i try to go really fast. My room doesn't have a lot of room though.

      I often kiss my korrina drawings xD They're so hot to me.

      How old are you? I can't check your profile due to that word so you'll have to tell me^^;; I don't have it in my profile here, or tell many people overall, but i'm 27 now. I haven't had many female crushes or at least not AMAZINGLY HUGE ONES till i got into korrina, which was this year at age 26. I'm glad i didn't have a huge female crush till this year. I think i wouldn't of been mature enough for something like that in the past. I'm an older woman now, so i can take stuff like rejection from people overall better now. I even don't fear being different from my mom as much anymore :)
    15. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [I'm doing good]

      [what is your favorite Pokemon?]
    16. LadyTriox
      Thanks^^ I should save what you said somewhere. Its hard having autism.

      I draw korrina a lot too. She always looks so pretty in my drawings :)

      I often feel i have a thing of true love for her even though she's from fiction. She...really helps me like nothing else has. Even the scariness of the world about homosexuality through her helps me cuz it pushes me to calm down and believe in my own indivisuality more than anything else can. Its amazing. I often daydream about skating really well along side her too even if i've never skated before and now i've been a grown woman for awhile lol <3 what i have with her is adorable....her personality too. The tomboyishness combined with a pretty feminine look. Makes me think everyone else i meet that isn't as girly as me is not bellow me as much. She's so cheery too. I'm glad you don't judge. Thank you. You're awesome :D *hug* I wanna never judge anymore too. Its an issue thats only made me hurt a lot in the past. I used to be very judgey...
    17. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
    18. LadyTriox
      Its fine.

      I'm crying cuz of my dad and also cuz life is hard with my autism. I hope I can have both God AND Korrina. Cuz...both are wonderful....

      (i develuped a crush on korrina btw. judge all you like; i ain't planning on giving her up for no-one :P she was a light in my life this year after so many hard years....)
    19. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
    20. LadyTriox
      I don't know who you are but i can't check your profile to find out since you use that LOATHESOME guys word in it :/ Sorry...i really freak out over that expression....

      I wish more people here said prayers to God...i'm scared cuz our dad is attacking us right now and i would be terrifyed to talk to a lot of christians for help due to my crush on korrina and i just don't know what to do :( though i did call the cops...(yes he's THAT bad)
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  • About

    Dec 21, 2000 (Age: 17)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Hey everyone. Y'all probably forgot about me since... Forever, haha. As y'all know me as all these aliases... I prefer Mei or PK since I'm starting anew.

    So what's up? I've been taking college courses, actually. Got REALLY into Fire Emblem, and chess as basically being a tactician like Robin is BADASS. I'm going to be a Pathologist for children too, if you're curious... And I can play ukulele. I love playing my ukulele.

    I have Anxiety, really bad Anxiety but oh well. Living happily despite my moments but hey. Life's good. :)

    I'm hardly on here, been about a year... And hell, I've been a member for over 3-4 years now. I feel old as heck haha... BUT, I wish to get back on it again! If you really want to talk to me on places where I'm more active at, check below please.. I miss some of you <3

    Here is some contacts if you want to keep in touch <3


    Kik: The11thPhilosopher
    Skype: thegiftedflareon
    Discord: Meidna.#4662
    Chess.com: MochaMutini
    Instagram: @nyxy_stix


    Fun Facts about Mei

    *I'm left handed
    *I love to play Style Savvy (But I'm too awkward to admit it as I act all tough playing Smash or Fire Emblem)
    *My Myers Briggs type is ENFP
    *I have many Dragon Ball pop figures signed, my favorite one being Trunks
    *I also love my signed Robin amiibo
    *I'm a Type One Diabetic

    RPGs, Chess, Cosplay