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  • I'm fairly certain you can sr the dratini given to you in dragons den. There's no shiny locks in 4th gen so it should be sr-able like any other gift pokemon
    Just wanted to say congrats on Totodile! The Johto starters are really lovely shinies, but I'm especially jealous you got the one I wanted, haha ;D
    Enjoy him! (I guess it's most likely a him)
    Hi! It's hard to really know what the "average" amount of SRs people do for a Johto starter, but stick with it. It's the best SR hunt, I think, especially for beginners.

    I think that if you feel as if things aren't going right, switch your IDs. It's not that one ID is any more luckier than any other ID, but sometimes that little "shake up/switching" can result in a better chance for you due to the fact that the game mechanics might work in your favour. Hang in there, don't give up.

    It took me ... I think it was two days or two and a half days of pretty much non stop SRing. I didn't swap IDs or anything like that. I just kept on going.

    If you're feeling a little frustrated, feel free to vent whenever you want.

    I don't know if you've caught one yet, as I haven't finished looking through the posts.
    Hey, just thought I'd point out something to you, as I think you might have gotten mixed up on rule 3 in the shiny thread, probably because of the wording.

    You can talk about tipping and things like that, including about whether or not it reduces the odds. What that rule means is that you shouldn't discuss the value of the shinies that come from odd-reducing methods. The rule isn't saying that you can't discuss methods that reduce the odds, only that you can't discuss the VALUE of those methods/the shinies they produce.

    As another example - people talk about MMing all the time, and how MMing reduces the odds significantly. That's all allowed. What wouldn't be allowed is someone to start saying that shinies obtained by MMing aren't real shinies.

    Unless your post said something about how the person's shinies are less valuable because they're tipping (keep in mind, there's not much evidence either way at this point), then you're okay to post whatever it was you said. I'd already read all the posts though, and I don't remember reading anything that talked about the value of shinies that could have been found easier through tipping, so whatever you posted is probably fine.

    Hope this made sense :p
    I've noticed how the subject of OCs has been brought up quite a bit. I don't really have too much of a problem with OCs, so long as they're GOOD OCs. (which to me is the difference between OCs and fan characters. Character is decent/good= OC. Character is utter crap= fan character.) As long as they can effectively weave their OC into the story and not just have them appear out of nowhere and be like a God or something (i.e. rediculously powerful Pokemon, "has never been beaten", stuff like that), I'm good with it.
    Hope you don't mind me popping in, but I'm really interested in this concept. Do you mean Mary Sues/Gary Stus (which are a lot like what you're describing here, with ridiculously powerful Pokémon and god-like nature and all), or is "fan character" to you an umbrella concept that also includes Mary Sues/Gary Stus? Does the fan character concept cover flat, poorly developed characters in general (even if they're not Sues), or is it just limited to those inexplicably super-powerful ones?

    Just in general curious because if this is a term that covers generally poorly written characters in fanfiction, that's a really cool concept. I don't think there's a term for it otherwise, so.
    Hey if you want to know card values, you could VM or PM me, I'm on Serebii daily and can check values. Easier then checking a thread.

    But about Slifer, assuming its the one with the set code GB1-001 then your sitting on $30.99
    If it is the YMA one then about $21
    Hey there. I saw your call for help in the Yugioh club, and I've been playing since it started. Can you maybe send me a deck list, and I'll grade it/ give advice?
    Hey, guys, TheGreaterLucario here. I JUST restarted my HeartGold (for the umm-teenth time)
    do you mind if you delete some of your "chatting posts" on my thread? all that discussing should've been on pm or vm
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