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Recent content by Theif

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    what do u want for it?

    what do u want for it?
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    Hi and welcome to serebii.net!

    Hi and welcome to serebii.net!
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    Shiny Gecko appeared!

    hi and welcome to serebii.
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    Whats up...

    Whats up...
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    click hide

    click hide
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    U.S Airline Crashing Into Hudson River

    Same din't know they where using chickens..
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    Man proposes to girlfriend by hacking her video game

    Thats pretty Nice,but im gonna do it the old fashin way just get down on 1 knee and with a ring in my hand. EDIT:Nah,il do it in a way that no1 did before :)
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    Circuit City- Closing

    I never go there well Best buy is better,alot of other electronique stores are better.
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    Whos better:Gyarados or Milotic?

    Il say Gyarados,Milotic is nice but gyarados has better looks =P
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    Does that make YOU crazy?

    Everything makes me crazy!
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    Your first pokemon game

    My first will be colloseem i dont know how to spell it :|
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    Simply The Best - Pokémon Face-Off

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    All people living in the pkmn world = VEGETARIANS?

    Imagine they fried up Kyogre and make sushi out of him *drools*
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    Your gross stories.

    Reading these storys completes my day ^^