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  • It's probably the same thing. I can't remember off the top of my head what it's called. I've mostly been reading the Fallout Equestria stories.
    My all time favorite is Trixie. Yes. Trixie. Favorite Princess is Luna. Although, I mostly relate to Trixie. Not to mention that I just enjoy the character. I understand that some people find her insufferable, but we all have characters that we don't enjoy, ya know? I just think that there's so much to the chapter that we don't know and I love that. Annnnnnnddddd... I'm rambling. Eh. I get excited about Trixie.
    But speaking of Keldeo, have you ever seen the comic where Rarity has a Keldeo?
    Since April? Nice. I've been enjoying the show for about a year now. Err... I've actually only been watching the fandom. That's the pert that I really enjoy more than anything. I guess I have to ask, who is best pony?
    Hey, I saw you in the MLP thread and thought about popping in a dropping a "how do you do?"
    Totally understand what you mean! Internet Anonymity is key yo <<

    even if i did know things about you i'd prolly keep to my clan though, i gotta keep on constant tend to it
    I am Chinese but I play games in Japanese. I refer the Pokémon in Japanese because I do not have to search for their English names.
    "so whaz poppin"? :0

    Ahh those're all pretty cool! Why would you be personal about that! You have an interesting background yo.
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