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Jan 23, 2020 at 9:11 AM
Jul 10, 2013
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TheKnightsFury was last seen:
Jan 23, 2020 at 9:11 AM
    1. peptodismal
      You know you can have 15 pokemon altogether as a TL1 :3 You should get on that! XD Makes for a lot easier to pick stuff.
    2. Liltwick
      You just challenge me in this thread right here. I think a 4 vs 4 would be the best, but you can choose from a 4 v 4 to a 6 v 6. Also yeah I'll ask whoever accepts that to ref your match as well.
    3. Liltwick
      Hey you mind me reffing your first match? Also, may I interest you in challenging my gt gym? It's a great way to offer you advice from a skilled trainer and a good way to learn new things.
    4. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      Just a note; Kirlia is a Level 3 Acquisition. As such, as a Trainer Level 1, even an uplevel slot would not reach it. You can use this to see the Pokemon Level Acquisitions. Click on "Pokemon" or "Trainer Level" to sort alphabetically or level-wise.
    5. Aposteriori
      Welcome to ASB.
    6. kyogreblue3
      I'm on right now, and I'll pretty much stay on for about half an hour. That work for you?
    7. kyogreblue3
      Hey, thanks for claiming some Pokemon! They're all set to go, and I've registered your FC already, so once we're both on X/Y we can trade.
      I'm available today, and on Monday, so you can pick which time is most convenient for you.
    8. Mrmuffin123
      I have the gloomy you are looking for. It has counter. When can you true for the larvitar?
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