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Recent content by TheKnightsFury

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    July 21st: SM131 - Musashi VS Kojiro! A Battlefield of Love and Truth!!

    Jessie wins. I’d expect the next round to be 2v2 and James only has 1 Pokémon where Jessie has 2. If it’s all 1v1 battles I’ll be angry.
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    A Pack of Potatoes and other new things in SwSh

    There were talks about a camping feature which would replace the Amie stuff. Would likely tie into the Wild Area.
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    New Pokemon Wish List

    Nope, Drednaw can’t/won’t be a fossil for a couple of reasons. 1. 95% sure it’s Water/Rock when all fossil Pokémon are Rock/XXXX 2. Doubt they’d do another turtle/tortoise fossil that’s the same type
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    New Moves Speculation & Discussion Thread

    Just want to point out that Grookey when battling Milo had Razor Leaf instead of Stick Bash. Iirc it was lvl 15 at that point. Stick bash kind of seems useless if you get Razor Leaf access not long after. Also you have to squeeze Taunt in there as well. So it if starts with Tackle, Growl, Stick...