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  • Did I like it? I LOVED it!!
    It was so heartbreakingly sad, but the way you incorporated and weaved the rain throughout the whole story with the quiet heartache and pain that the characters were going through was brillant. <3
    Whoo~! I knew it was you! XDD

    I'm doing well! :D
    Lots of working and unwanted trips going on, though. ^^;
    I want to stay home and work on stories, but when I'm home, Mom gives me chores... that take a long time to complete. X__X
    And then Mom wants to go to the beach tomorrow, which further ruins my weekend. -hates the beach- -shot- WHAT! When you live close to it, y'start to hate it after a few years! D:

    How're you doing, Friend? ^^
    (lol 1000 characters max)

    5 years?!??!
    I'm talking to an adult!!!
    This is so exciting!!
    Aww disabled? Poor thing... -double hug-
    I can't imagine what your life must be like.... I feel a stabs at my heart just thinking about it.
    Sometimes, when I'm crying over my English grade, I feel like.... a prisoner. Trapped in my cell, looking out through my own eyes. I feel like I'm not living my life, but rather watching my unconscious self living it for me.
    Do you feel the same way? I just felt a strange feeling of.... connection.

    Ahhh you'd be a great tutor!!
    Did you read Nectar in a Sieve and the Sound of Waves?

    Art!!! I love art!!! But I totally suck at it!!
    You should see my Pikachu on dA! It took me 30 minutes to draw a hideous Pikachu!
    LOL we can have art lessons too!! x333
    -chant- shi shi! shi shi! shi shi! shi shi! -shot-

    Ah I'm always depressed.
    Used to it by now.
    Stupid English teacher.
    Aww... Such a bad experience! And in first grade, too....
    I remember my first grade. Nothing like that happened.
    We just learned about basic math and algebra...
    Poor you! :[

    My English teacher does that to me too. Only on a much worse level.
    I'm a really good student and all, and I can maintain a low A in English class.
    But she really hates me.
    In the beginning of the year when she didn't know me, I got 93's on my essays.
    3 months ago, it went down to 80.
    Now 65.
    And she's singling me out in front of the entire class.
    "Yunfei! You're the only one that got a D! I'm concerned!"
    And when I ask her why I got a D, she avoids the question.
    Obviously it was an A paper.
    I gave it to one of her colleagues; she gave it a 91.
    Can't wait until I'm rid of her next year.... Ugh.
    Ahhh but math is my strong point!
    Hehe I'm Asian.
    But my math teacher is determined to make me get a B on a test.
    She actually told the class.
    "I will make the tests harder and harder until Yunfei gets a B"
    Now the entire class hates me XDD.

    Wait does that mean you're not in high school anymore??
    Whoa let's have private Sppf English tutoring!

    Aww thanks for feeling special.
    I feel honored.
    But you really shouldn't be feeling special though! At least not in a good way.
    I'd be embarrassed to have someone like me be my first friend....
    Awww it's ok.
    -pat- -pat-

    We all make stupid mistakes XD
    Like me and my infamous 2+3=6 on math tests....
    Now that = *facepalm*
    I don't think you're allowed to post youtube links, much less youtube links to copyrighted material.

    But no worries.
    No mod is gonna be bored enough to come to my page.
    Aww thanks for visiting.
    Make me feel all warm and cuddly inside xDDD

    What are you talking about?
    It's complete crap!
    At first glance, everyone would say "oh okay this kid sucks".

    Nope haven't watched it yet.
    Apparently Youtube decided to delete all anime?
    So.... yeah.
    I'll download it I suppose.
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