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Last Activity:
Dec 22, 2013
Jan 18, 2011
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TheLooker was last seen:
Dec 22, 2013
    1. Sparkbeat
      I'd love to help you build a team sometime.
    2. beetredknob
      Well i can't battle right now cause i've gotta go somewhere pretty soon. I'd love to battle later tonight though if i can. I'll vm you if i'm on later.
    3. Sketchie
      Especially math. Math takes FOREVER.
    4. Sketchie
      I used to have a lot of time, but then I got more of this amazing thing called homework.
    5. Sketchie
      I usually don't have time fore pokemon... which is one of the many reasons I'm so slow.
    6. Sketchie
      I have... one level 50 and 3 close to level 50s. i am really slow because I hate training just one pokemon, but training 4 takes FOREVER.
    7. Sketchie
      Ah. I agree, that was unfair... which why I left. My friends are my friends, no matter how long I've known them, and I won't let that kind of stuff slide.
      Battle? I'm not ready, but I can if you want.
    8. Sketchie
      Hiyas~ can I ask why you friended me?
    9. beetredknob
      Hey thanks for standing by me here on the savanny thing.
    10. Savanny Killersaurus
      Savanny Killersaurus
      It was a bit unfair, but I'm not going to complain. It's over with. I'm just going to move on.
    11. thatjeremykid
      what do you have for shinies? you don't have any mons with good IV's+nature?
    12. thatjeremykid
      i'm not looking for anything in particular, just competitive-able mons
    13. beetredknob
      Nah i just wanna see other people's ways of doing mm cause lol yeah it does take alot of time. I kinda like my way, I've gotten two shinys from it but i can't help but feel that theres a more efficient way of doing it. I like to breed my own pokemon but thank you for the offer. I feel like when you train your own pokemon from start to finish it really makes you focus on what you need for your team and it makes each pokemon that you train that much more special. Plus you can re-nickname them whenever you want.
    14. thatjeremykid
      i could maybe breed you those, what do you have for offers?
    15. beetredknob
      Hey what's your method for MM? Cause i have a method that works well for me but i'm not sure if its the most efficient. Can you go through step by step what you do? Like for me I take my flame body poke and ride my bike on that strip near the daycare till i get my 6 slots filled. I deposit 3 things everytime i back. If any pokes have hatched I deposit those and then the least worked on of the unhatched eggs. Then once i have no more room in my boxes I go to the skyarrow bridge and hatch all the unhatched eggs that i've accumulated. What do you think? Time waster or saver?
    16. Buuz
      Okay, we will fight tomorrow.
    17. Buuz
      One more time. Lemme change a pokémon okay?
    18. Buuz
      Allright, see you there. And yes i have it. See you soon.
    19. Buuz
      I already have yours. We will fight tomorrow morning, if i can get online i'll send you a message.
    20. M.Oreo
      Don't worry, I can give you a legit one.
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