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  • Could I convince you to give me a hand with a few trade evos? Not the whole lot, but a few, while I'm online?
    Holy crap, I am so glad to finally be finished with it. Thanks for that! I don't even know what I'm gonna hunt next in the game. I may need a break from hunting in Alola. :p
    Ah crap, I knew I should have double-checked before posting. XD

    EDIT: By the way, just in case you've forgotten because it's been a while, I'm MrPokemonFreak from SHU. :) If you didn't forget, then yay! :D Hopefully I'll be able to post about a new shiny soon.

    FURTHER EDIT: Congrats on the Crabrawler! Glad you had a short hunt after Rowlet!
    Congrats on the shiny Rowlet!!!! I've been silently keeping up with both yours and Brooke's (Shinytwins) hunt for the Alolan starters. Sadly, I'm at around 13k SRs for my own minty owl, so I hope it doesn't take as many as yours did. XD
    Just wanted to stop in and wish you luck on rowlet! I think you're the second longest hunt for a alola starter i've seen after the shiny twins.
    Hey, found Munchlax yet? 50 honeys and nothing yet =/ Encountered one Heracross tho, so thats something lol.
    Thank you!! I've read that in order to SR honey trees you have switch ds's so that the pokemon stays in the tree, right?
    Thanks! I noticed you said you used a calculator to find the honey tree with Munchlax in it!? I didn't know such a thing existed, I need to look into that asap because that would definitely be my next target. I tried looking for Munchlax during my first three phases for Shinx but had no luck.
    Thanks I am very proud of It was super happy when it shined I screeched when I saw it XD plus I only used one ball and click 0_0
    You welcome and I am sure it is which I got frustrated soft resetting hg/ss for a starter not sure how you guys can do it with all that dialogue XD not sure if you saw my post but my first suscessful soft reset was a few days ago :)/shiny lugia ^_^ so happy :)
    thanks and yeah your right was so happy seeing a red absol pop out at that egg and plus female since I do prefer female pokemon on my team but it isn't super necessary most important to me is the ivs,nature and ability over the gender XD I really love to have a female starter without me rnging it on 5th gen which congrats on that saw it and i was like >.< your probably taunting that snubble guy that wants shiny female cyndaquil. I hope he gets what he wants though female bad for the guy :/
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